Sagework Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support - Standard

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(Formerly known as the "Barnett Umbra")

Size: Standard
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Parts Included: Guitar Support, one Internal Magnet Set, Adhesive Strips & Markers, Allen Wrench, & Complete Installation Instructions. (For additional Internal Magnet Sets for additional guitars, please choose from the options below the Add to Cart button.)

This is the more economical version of the Atlas Magnetic Guitar Support. Functionally, it is exactly the same, but the wooden parts of the standard model are replaced with Vydyne, a high quality reinforced nylon that is both strong and beautiful. Sagework guitar supports are symmetrical and work for both right or left-handed players.

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WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

Designed and built in USA from domestic and foreign components.
U.S. Patents 8901403 & 8455744.

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Review by Allen Matthews:

Customer Reviews

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No more sore bum!

Old is not the perfect time to start guitar, this contraption has enabled me to extend my practice. I'll need another as a spare, just in case, just in the case, Dave N.

First time support use - EXCELLENT

I've never used a support before. My research pointed unambiguously to Sagework as an industry leader. I practice in various places in the house, and it wasn't convenient to bring a footstool with me. This meant that my left foot was propped on all kinds of things: stacks of reference books, paint cans, dry wall compound cans, etc.

With the Sagework support, it's super-portable since it's stuck on the guitar, and I can play in nearly any chair in the house. Really excellent.

If there's a drawback it is that I used to place my guitar balancing on its bottom. Now that the support is on there, it's much heavier on one side so I actually need to prop it on something! :-D

just what you said it would be

your sagework guitar support is just what you promised it would be , looks good , well built ,
but it's just not for me , but i had to find out for myself , it works great ,but just not for me .
thank you
bob diaz


Order was fast, delivery efficient. Product looks good. Not tried yet (will wait for the next string change. More to come.


I actually prefer the substantial feel and all-blackness of the Umbra to the original Atlas wood support. I do have both supports and enjoy the stability, comfort, ease of removing/putting on and portability of Sagework supports. Over the years I have used a great variety of guitar supports but found that when I tried the Sagework supports my first reaction was a sense of relief. Once adjusted properly it does its job unobtrusively and well. When playing, I do not have to think about it at all. BTW - Customer service at Sagework is excellent. An issue I had with my Atlas model support was resolved quickly and easily.