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Sagework Atlas Magnetic Guitar Support - Standard

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WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

Size: Standard
Which size to choose?: Please see our Sizing Options page.
Weight (including magnets): 10.5 oz
Orientation: Great for right-handed or left-handed players. (Our supports are symmetrical.)
Fit: Sagework supports work with most standard-sized guitars, but do not work with most thin-body guitars.  For a guide to see if our supports will work in your guitar, CLICK HERE.

The Sagework Atlas Guitar Support features the rich look of Chechen wood on the Adjustable Arm and Magnet Holders. It is an elegant extension of your instrument.  Sagework guitar supports are symmetrical and work for both right or left-handed players.

Parts Included: Guitar Support, one Internal Magnet Set, Adhesive Strips & Markers, Allen Wrench, & Complete Installation Instructions. (For additional Internal Magnet Sets for additional guitars, please choose from the options below the Add to Cart button.)

Orders outside of the United States: Your country will likely charge you an import duty plus your standard local taxes. If you are not located in the United States, we recommend purchasing from a dealer in your country. CLICK HERE for a list of non-U.S. dealers.

How easy is it to install? - Watch the following video:

Review by Allen Matthews:

Designed and built in USA from domestic and foreign components. 
U.S. Patents 8901403 & 8455744.
(Formerly known as the "Barnett Original")

Customer Reviews

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Wooderck Hawer
Color of the Device

I like the convenience and neatness of using this device.
However, there is a regret that it would look more luxurious if the overall color of the wooden and iron parts were unified in brown.

Hello, Wooderck.

Thank you for your feedback. Are you suggesting that the metal and Vydyne parts be colored brown? That seems to me like it would be very odd-looking. It's an interesting idea, though, for sure.

Is the color the only reason you didn't give it 5 stars?

Best regards,

Martin Ralston
Broken Support Foot

After a week of my daughter practicing one of the wooden magnetic feet cracked — see picture. Now it cannot be used for fear of greater damage to the support. Please contact me so we can work out a resolution. Otherwise, the support seems to work great.

Hello, Mr. Ralston.

I'm very sorry to see the problem with your daughter's support! We've never seen this happen before. I'll send a replacement part to you immediately.

Thank you for patience.


Hung Tsan
Excellent support!

I recently injured my sciatic nerve, due mostly to using a foot rest for classical guitar as well as other bad decisions. I decided to continue my practice while getting something to alleviate the back pain. I was trying to choose between this and many other options, and decided to go with this one for the innovative design and positive reviews. For someone with large hands, the installation was very stressful (mostly because I was afraid of breaking my guitar), and had to do all of it blind. However, the included post-its for guiding the magnet attachments with 3M strips was fairly useful. After the magnets were attached and set, I found the support was exactly what I wanted - a "set it and forget it" device. I didn't want to struggle with it or worry about a pillow falling off my lap during practice. I keep the support itself in the guitar case (another really good feature that something like a pillow doesn't really offer).
I would completely recommend this to anyone who finds it within their budget. Well worth the investment for your back, and makes playing more comfortable too.

Very Happy

I'm very happy with my Sagework guitar support. This was originally by Kris Barnett, who also offers a luthier-made custom armrest by request that also involves magnetic placements. I would recommend this guitar support over all others.

After a using suction-cup-based Erogoplay equivalent, a suction cup popped off, and the metal underneath damaged my guitar. Those supports also slip forward awkwardly when playing, making it difficult to maintain a good position, defeating the purpose of the support. I was then in search of a better solution. My guitar instructor wants me to use a foot rest in our lesson sessions to receive classical training with a foot rest, but he did not mind if I used a guitar support outside of our lessons. Therefore, I needed a good solution that would detach from the guitar and also re-attach without much effort. After extensive research, the Sagework guitar support seemed like the best solution.
When received, the guitar support craftsmanship was top-notch: it feels sturdy, and every angle of this device was carefully thought-through.
The book also comes with careful instructions on installation. I don't have a Luthier in my state within 4 hours of my current location, so I asked a repair tech at Guitar Center to complete the installation, who was most helpful, studying YouTube videos and looking up the best placement. He worked with me in the store to find a comfortable playing position, then he applied the magnets. The installation does not take much effort.
Admittedly, we had problems with the installation: the support seemed weak and would pop off easily, which was hardly like what YouTube videos promised, with one person able to flip the guitar over and hold support with the guitar suspended by magnetic support alone. I reached out to Geoff with Sagework. The Guitar Center repair tech and I found out that the angle of placement of the front-most support was too acute. It should be more vertical, straight up and down, so that the magnet at the front has a better adhering force to the outer magnet. After making this correction, I was able to reproduce what I saw in YouTube videos and had no issues. I knew going in from my research that the hardest part for this device is the installation, but after finding the appropriate spot there would be no problems -- this was my experience. The adhesive strips for the inside of the body of the guitar are simple and can be found at any hardware store, so I didn't have much anxiety that I would run out of supplies and not be able to adjust the installation if we weren't able to get the magnets positioned properly the first time, so I had no problems with the installation.

When using this with a foot rest, I notice there is a feeling of relief in the lumbar spine, and I am able to maintain a more ergonomic playing position.
I recommend taking a foot rest and finding a good comfortable playing position so that the support rests only at the inner thighs and the upper bout of the guitar rests at the sternum with the soundhole central to and slightly to the left of the face. Then, I would hold the guitar at this position, and place the Sagework guitar support, making any adjustments to height to maintain this position. This is probably the best way to find the most traditional position one would use with a foot rest.

Firstly, the posts are made of cork, and I don't suspect they would damage the guitar. However, I would recommend Kling-On guitar adhesives (or their more affordable equivalents, the Grafix Clear Static Film [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002J6CO9I]) be placed on the body of the guitar, which are low-tach and are known not to damage the finish of the guitar or leave residue. I don't think this is necessary, it is just for peace of mind to remove all doubts that the posts of the support would damage the body of the guitar, to learn from my experience with the Ergoplay-equivalent device. These non-damaging adhesives also serve as "landing pads" for where the magnets would place. I also recommend placing the magnets at an angle so that the magnets adhere more slowly. After practicing this a few times, this maneuver for placement doesn't seem awkward or obstructive to a daily routine of placing the support.

Secondly, another accessory I recommend is shelf liner to place on the leg to make a sturdy, non-slip surface and increase friction. This is true for any guitar support, and I also use this with a foot rest.

In Summary: excellent device and also excellent customer service from Sagework.
If I have any problems, I will update my review. So if there are no problems updated below, please assume I have had no further issues.

Topher Reeve
Better for my back

Great guitar support. It helps me to maintain better posture than a foot stool. Really classes up my $200 Yamaha, too. ;) Now I have to make a trek to Siccas to get a guitar to match my support.