An uncomfortable guitar support is a nonstarter. The versatile adjustability and the comfort-focused design of the leg rest ensures hours of comfortable playing. The leg rest features a soft, non-slip pad to ensure proper placement of the instrument while you play.


Four discrete mechanisms allow adjustment of instrument's angle, height, horizontal position, and angle toward/away from the body. It can be adjusted for both left and right leg playing styles and can even be adjusted to accommodate a cello-style technique.


The Sagework Support is collapsible and portable. It will fit in the storage compartment of most instrument cases without having to undo the adjustment settings.


The Sagework Support owes its stability to the unique way it attaches to the instrument. Many supports use suction cups which may unexpectedly detach from the instrument. The Sagework Support will stay firmly and reliably attached to the instrument every time it is used.


Suction cups and clamping mechanisms may damage instrument finishes. The Sagework Support uses a finish-safe protective covering that keeps the support in place during while being gentle on the instrument's finish. The protective pads that touch your guitar will not chemically react with its finish. More information in FAQs.


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