Do I need to purchase Internal Magnets separately?

The Sagework Guitar Support comes with everything for installation on one guitar including adhesive strips, Allen key, temporary markers, internal magnets and instructions. Additional sets of Internal Magnets are available for using the support on additional instruments.

Will the Sagework Guitar Support affect the guitar’s sound?

Whether it is a player's knee or the attachment of a guitar support against the guitar's body, there is dampening of an area on the guitar's side. It can be said that the Sagework Guitar Support has no greater dampening effect than any other assist. The magnets used in support will not diminish or alter movement of steel strings.

Will the Sagework Guitar Support damage my instrument?

There are two types of damage possible to a guitar's finish: chemical damage and mechanical damage. Our support will not chemically react with any finish. Controlling mechanical damage is in the hands of the user. The durometer of guitar finishes varies. The pads that touch the guitar should be kept clean. The support should not be left for extended periods on guitars with softer finishes.

Does the use of magnets affect electronics inside the guitar body?

The field strength of neodymium magnets diminishes geometrically with distance. At a distance of 1” from the magnet surface the field strength is almost zero. Electronics would need to be closer than 1” to the magnets and be made from a ferrous metal to be affected in any way by the magnets.

How are the Internal Magnets affixed to the inside of the guitar?

The Internal Magnets are secured to the interior side of the guitar using 3M Command Strips. These ingenious strips will hold the Internal Magnets securely in place for as long as needed. Should they need to be removed (say, you sold your guitar), the Internal Magnets can be removed with relative ease—and the 3M Command Strips will not leave any residual adhesive on the inside of the guitar.

Can the Sagework Guitar Support be used on a guitar for a left-handed player?

Yes, the support works equally well mounted on either side of the body. The leg rest swivels equally in both directions.

Does the presence of magnets inside the guitar cause any problems when traveling through airport security?

Though we cannot say that this will never happen, a number of performers who use the support travel extensively. We have not heard any report where the presence magnets inside the guitar has caused a problem with airport security.

What is the difference between the Umbra and The Atlas model?

The only difference between the two models are the materials used. Where The Atlas is composed of both Vydyne reinforced nylon and rosewood, the Umbra is made completely of Vydyne. Both models have identical functionality and range of adjustment


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