The A-Frame Guitar Support is the original modern guitar support, designed and built by Sagework's very own David Stevenson.  

The A-Frame uses suction cups to attach to your guitar and is perhaps the most versatile of all guitar supports.  If magnets aren't for you, we recommend the A-Frame Support.

The standard A-Frame is for classical, flamenco, or acoustic guitars.  

The A-Frame MI Multi-Instrument is superb for Electric Guitars.

CLICK HERE to go to the A-Frame website.

Designed by a professional guitarist, the A-FRAME provides the maximum flexibility, stability and convenience for any guitarist who prefers to play sitting down. Using it will increase your comfort level and optimize your performance potential.

8 Unique Features:

  • Adjustable in 3 dimensions: left/right, up/down, neck angle
  • Attaches securely to the guitar
  • Locks into stable playing positions
  • Allows a more comfortable posture
  • Slender shape is visually unobtrusive
  • Folds flat and stores in your case
  • Weighs only six ounces
  • Folds to less than one inch thick

Over 20 years ago, the A-FRAME started a revolution in guitar support devices and is still the most versatile guitar support on the market. It is designed so that the guitarist does not have to be in an uncomfortable position in order to hold the guitar at the proper angle. Rather, the guitarist sits how they are most comfortable and then adjusts the guitar to suit them — not the other way around!

4 Ways the A-Frame improves your performance:

  • Versatile: Changing positions is simply a matter of moving the suctions cups or adjusting the length of the Velcro strap. This gives you total control over the height, angle and lateral positioning of your classical or steel string guitar.
  • Convenient: Taking the  A-FRAME on and off does not require changing the adjustments each time. Set the strap length once and each future use is simply a matter of attaching the suction cups.
  • Secure: Once in place the A-FRAME will stay put. The gripping power of the suction cups is amazingly strong, and the strap will not slide on your legs, thanks to the non-slip surface.
  • Compact: To remove the A-FRAME, simply pull back on the edge of each suction cup and lift it off. The A-FRAME then folds flat and can be stored in your case or even in your pocket.


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