Sagework support is the most elegant and practical solution I have found to replace the footstool. It is undoubtedly better to have both feet on the ground instead of one raised in the case of a footstool. Instrument feels very stable and secure allowing freedom of movement. One other benefit of the Sagework support is that it actually improves projection and sustain by reducing contact with the player's body.
With its slick, sturdy, and stable design, the Sagework Guitar Support is without a doubt the best product of its kind. 

I recently received a Sagework Guitar Support, and I was immediately taken with the elegant packaging and appearance of the unit. The installation instructions were very clear, and I fixed it in place on my Thomas Humphrey guitar in a few minutes. I was very impressed with its comfort and adjustability, but most of all, with its total stability. I’ve tried a number of supports in the past, but I was always worried that the suction cups would slip off in the middle of a performance, or that a pad would squeak and move around. With the brilliant idea of affixing the support with rare-earth magnets from inside the guitar, the Sagework Support feels as if it’s screwed in! It’s easily removable, and it always goes back the the exact same spot when it’s put on. Finally, the unit folds into a small package, and fits easily in the storage area in my case. I believe that this is the most intelligently designed, aesthetically pleasing, rock-solid and ergonomic support available today. The night after I installed it, I used it concert with LAGQ.

The Sagework Guitar Support is simply the best support on the market! Having used it daily for more than 3 years in my practice, concerts, and teaching, I am still convinced this is the real deal! It’s reliable, very stable, and aesthetical. It can be adjusted in almost any height and angle to suit everyone’s needs and it is foldable and light on my travels inside my guitar's flight case. Highly recommended!

The Sagework Guitar Support is a true fusion of art and practicality. The presence of wood gives it a sense of artistic beauty infused with nature, complimenting rather than damaging the finish of the guitar. Yet, the design also offers practical benefits. It is in my opinion far more compact, sturdy, and flexible in its adjustability than other guitar supports. I truly recommend it to all guitarists from amateurs to professionals.

Even though I’ve never had back pain, I was interested in ditching the footstool and getting both feet on the floor for some years. However no solution felt stable enough until I tried the Sagework Guitar Support, which I immediately knew was right. Now I do all performing and teaching with a Sagework, and I recommend them highly.
The Sagework Guitar Support is a wonderful addition to the world of the guitar that most definitely doesn't suck! The Sagework Guitar Support is adjustable, elegant and sturdy. It is clearly the result of in-depth research, development and care. A huge Bravo on all fronts!

 Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Performing Arts Medicine Clinic
The Courage Kenny Performing Arts Medicine Clinic thanks you for your Sagework samples for the 'Adaptive Equipment & Instrument Modification for the String Instrumentalist Workshop' at the Annual PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) 2015 Symposium. The 60 minute workshop was a success; inclusive of medical professionals, music educators, & musicians. We have had several patients in our clinic that already use your guitar support and rave about your product, so we were able to use patient experience to voice the value of your guitar support. We were able to demonstrate the products and pass them around for participants to try the products for themselves; everyone was very receptive and interactive. Your contribution gave the right professionals a hands opportunity to experience optimal ergonomics for ease of play. - Misty Austin, PPDPT, MPT, B.Kin

Dave Reichert 
I have your guitar support, and it truly has changed my life! Well, at least I can now play the guitar without constant back pain.

Matthew Bush
Having only used the ErgoPlay and EFEL before, your support is far superior in design, quality, and comfort. I only wish my Goddaughter, who I give fingerstyle lessons to, didn’t just buy a crossover acoustic-electric guitar that is only 3” in depth or I would purchase her one of your supports as well.

Chris Freitag
I just got one of your guitar supports and installed it over the weekend. It is a far better solution than the Ergoplay Troster that I was using. It’s comfortable, compact, and the fact that it goes in the same place each time and stays secure is a real benefit! It’s also very attractive. Well done.

Lars Pakjaer
Regarding the support, I actually wanted to write you a couple of days after I got it, but got away from it since you had so prominent persons express their gratitude about your product. What I realized was, that my playing went from a peculiar anxiety whilst playing to utter firmness - all thanks to the support! My previous supports have been fixated with suction cups, and as you know these have a frustrating tendency of releasing at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments. But with your support I have this wonderful feeling of a rocksteady handling of the guitar , and at the same time a nearly miraculous detachment of the support after playing. So all in all I am extremely content!!

Paul Laveurt
Not often you buy something that completely outdoes your expectations. This support is brilliant, doesn't move once attached to my guitar, easy to install and protects the finish on my beloved instrument. So, thank you. I will share my experience with others as this is a 'must have'.

Ben Bolt
Thanks to the Guitar Support by Sagework; foot stools, suction cups, little black pillows, rubber pads, pain killers, and visits to your chiropractor will soon be forgotten.  Ben Bolt - Published Author

Robert Long
At Age 64 With Low Back Arthritis Setting In, The Umbra Is Incredible! You've Extended My Guitar Playing For At Least Another Decade. Thanks So Much For Developing This Product.  I used to get numbness and sciatica after about half an hour. I just played for a full hour without any discomfort.  This thing really is great.

Glen P. 
I’ve now had time to work with the support over several days. It is a wonderful device. I’ve used a footstool for decades but it began causing me considerable left hip discomfort. Your product is a liberation from the discomfort, as well as all the fussiness involved with using a stool. Solid, easily adjustable, and non-destructive to the instrument. I hope many more guitarists discover this support. Wishing you continued success with it.  All the best, Glen.


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