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Joe B
The Sage Guitar support is great!

I tried thigh pad which didn’t give me the secure elevated position I was looking for. So I tried a foot stool, which was an improvement, but still not the secure position I felt comfortable with. The the Sage Guitar support with the tall arm assembly gives me the secure elevated position I was looking for. Look out Andres’ Segovia, here I come😁

William Leslie
Tall umbra arm

Quick shipping. Arm was easy to switch out. Took less than 5 minutes. I like the extra height it gives. Best support I have used.

Alexander Dunn
Umbra arm is a leg up on comfort

The Umbra arm is perfect for me. I own three supports, but the wood arm was just slightly too low. Now I have plenty of room and very happy with the new feel.

Barry Acker
Raised my guitar level to the correct height

I should have ordered this when I bought the original guitar support--but you never know until you try it. It raised the neck stock of the guitar to a good playing position for me.
Now another issue. I believe that I installed the 3M strip incorrectly on the upper magnet. The magnet is not secured very well on the inside of the guitar side. I wish there was an easy way of doing this with the strings still attached! I just changed my strings!

One simple way to improve

The product is great. The replacement long arm I purchased works fine, and was delivered in a timely way. Unfortunately, the shipment did not include the Allen wrench needed to install the replacement part. I was told that the original guitar support came with a wrench. Unfortunately I purchased the support many years ago and didn’t keep it. Simple solution…send a wrench with replacement arm.


NOTE: The holes where the arm attaches to the magnet are not threaded.  The screw will self-tap the hole and create the threads when inserted for the first time.  

This includes the two main parts of the adjustable arm, thumbscrew, plastic washer, and rubber washer for the Umbra Tall support.

This arm is the only difference between The Umbra Tall and the Umbra Standard or Umbra Short.  If you have a Standard or Short, you can purchase this arm to convert it to a Tall.

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