PARTS: Umbra Tall - Adjustable Arm Assembly


NOTE: The holes where the arm attaches to the magnet are not threaded.  The screw will self-tap the hole and create the threads when inserted for the first time.  

This includes the two main parts of the adjustable arm, thumbscrew, plastic washer, and rubber washer for the Umbra Tall support.

This arm is the only difference between The Umbra Tall and the Umbra Standard or Umbra Short.  If you have a Standard or Short, you can purchase this arm to convert it to a Tall.

Customer Reviews

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One simple way to improve

The product is great. The replacement long arm I purchased works fine, and was delivered in a timely way. Unfortunately, the shipment did not include the Allen wrench needed to install the replacement part. I was told that the original guitar support came with a wrench. Unfortunately I purchased the support many years ago and didn’t keep it. Simple solution…send a wrench with replacement arm.

Debbie Turner

I found I was still elevating my left foot up to my toe, so decided to order the extension. IT'S PERFECT. Easy to install and exactly what I needed. Should have done it sooner.
Quick delivery too!!!

Andrew W.

Works very well for me.
I really appreciate that you allow customers to buy individual parts like this.
Thank you!


Michael Ignaszak
Right size

Made a stable support even more stable. I love this support.

Super happy with this!

The longer arm arrived promptly, was very easy to install and allowed me to set the angle of my guitar perfectly. The system is very comfortable overall and allows me to keep playing position no matter where I'm sitting. Best of all, it can still be collapsed down small enough to fit in my case!