PARTS: Umbra Short - Adjustable Arm Assembly


NOTE: The holes where the arm attaches to the magnet are not threaded.  When screw will self-tap the hole and create the threads when inserted for the first time.  

This includes the two main parts of the adjustable arm, thumbscrew, plastic washer, and rubber washer for the Umbra Short support.

This arm is the only difference between the Umbra Short and the Umbra Standard or Umbra Tall.  If you have a Standard or Tall, you can purchase this arm to convert it to a Short.

Customer Reviews

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Larry M
Needed lower guitar height

I love the standard height Umbra support but after using it for a few months and changing the mounting location once I decided that I needed to have a slightly lower neck. Instead of purchasing a new support I went with the short version of the adjustable arm. The arm was easy to install and the result fits me much better.


quick delivery quality product

Tom Sim

I purchased the short arm assembly to replace the standard length arm as it was just a bit too tall for me. It was easy to replace the standard arm with this one. This arm is perfect and makes my playing more balanced, comfortable, and secure. This is a great support!

Duy Pham

Works perfectly. Great product!
Highly recommended.

Bill Petterson
It works

When the regular arm proved to be a bit too long for me, I ordered the short one. It came, I installed it easily, could adjust the guitar for a good "fit" - and I'm playing in a position that is comfortable, secure and consistent.