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Mitsuru Hasegawa
Great guitar support.

Easy to put on and take off, easy to adjust, and comes in a variety of sizes. In these respects, I think it is a wonderful item that cannot be compared to other supports.
This is an item that I would strongly recommend to my friends.

Well made piece of equipment.

I have now been learning the classical Guitar for 3 months.
I tried the perspex support that sticks with suction cups to the back of the guitar.
Not good as it started to slide up the back of the guitar as I was playing. Plus it was bulky and a pain to remove.
I tried the leg cushion held in place by a strap. The guitar would slide over the top of it and away from me.
The Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support does its job well. Took some thinking on where to place the magnets inside the guitar. Once the location was decided. I removed one magnet at a time and placed the glue pad on it. Leaving the other magnet in place and Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support. And positioned the magnet with the glue pad towards the Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support (On the inside of the guitar) and magnetism did the rest did the rest. Repeated the same for the other magnet. Installation could not have been easier.

I chose the short support as I have long legs and long arms with a short body.
Installation could not be easier.

Gloria Pelaez
Good product

It seems to be a good product

Sagework Umbra Small - works & fits perfectly

I am a player of a number of years sporadic experience but playing regularly now with the help of weekly lessons. In other words I am not a working musician who has used many different types of supports. I'm 6' tall and installed the Umbra Small model on a Taylor AD22 guitar. It's a smaller bodied guitar, roughly equivalent to a Martin 000 body style, or maybe slightly smaller. I have found the Umbra Small, with it's front arm extended to maximum height and the guitar on my left leg in classical position, places the neck at an ideal height and angle for me. Lowering the front arm to its mid range, with the guitar on my right leg, the guitar is in a comfortable casual position. Installation was a little nervy - the magnets really are strong - watch your fingers! But the step by step installation videos I found on the Sageworks site & youtube were clear and helpful. (I was happy I ordered an extra set of adhesive strips - I did manage to get the magnets stuck together on a first pass at installation - Yipes!) The Sagework lift feels quite a bit more solid and fixed and comfortable with the guitar on my leg than another type of lift I have used. And far superior to using a footstool. Ordering was easy. Shipping was prompt. The Umbra lift feels solid and good to the touch. Definitely a high end accessory.

V Fenton
Sturdy, reliable, comfortable support

This sturdy, reliable support is very good value for the money. It stays in place and does not dig into the leg. The player has a straight spine and maintains a comfortable position. The support is fully adjustable, but keeps its set up position well.


WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

Which size to choose?: Please see our Sizing Options page
Weight (including magnets): 9.4 oz
Orientation: Great for right-handed or left-handed players (Our supports are symmetrical.)
Fit: Sagework supports work with most standard-sized guitars, but do not work with most thin-body guitars.  For a guide to see if our supports will work in your guitar, CLICK HERE.

To download the Installation Guide, CLICK HERE.

Parts Included: Guitar Support, one Internal Magnet Set, Adhesive Strips & Markers, Allen Wrench, & Complete Installation Instructions. (For additional Internal Magnet Sets for additional guitars, please choose from the options below the Add to Cart button.)

Orders outside of the United States: Your country will likely charge you an import duty plus your standard local taxes. These charges can sometimes be up to 50% of the value of your order. If you are not located in the United States, we recommend purchasing from a dealer in your country. CLICK HERE for a list of non-U.S. dealers.

WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

How easy is it to install? - Watch the following video:

Review by Allen Matthews:

Designed and built in USA from domestic and foreign components.
U.S. Patents 8901403 & 8455744.
(Formerly known as the "Barnett Umbra Short")

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