PARTS: Umbra Short - Adjustable Arm Assembly


This includes the two main parts of the adjustable arm, thumbscrew, plastic washer, and rubber washer for the Umbra Short support.

This arm is the only difference between the Umbra Short and the Umbra Standard or Umbra Tall.  If you have a Standard or Tall, you can purchase this arm to convert it to a Short.

Customer Reviews

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It works

When the regular arm proved to be a bit too long for me, I ordered the short one. It came, I installed it easily, could adjust the guitar for a good "fit" - and I'm playing in a position that is comfortable, secure and consistent.

Short Arm part

I originally bought the Sagework guitar support with a Standard Arm. For months I was convinced that for my classical guitar position the Standard arm even at its lowest was still a bit too high. I hesitated to return the support because I assumed I had waited too long to make an exchange for the Short model. At last, I found out that the Standard and Short arms are interchangeable, and that I would not have to buy another complete Sagework guitar support, this time the "Short" model. I then ordered the "Short" arm only. With the hex wrench supplied in the original box, I immediately replaced my Standard arm with the Short arm. I have been using the support ever since without the feeling it was too high. It took only a few minutes to replace the arms. And it cost me only $16 + tx/shipping to get the Short arm, not $76 + tx/shipping to buy a second support. The only regret I have is that I did not learn months earlier that the Standard and Short Arms are interchangeable before my initial purchase of the support. I believe I'm a male of average height. If you are over 6', the Standard might suit you. If you are, say, between 5'9"-5'11", you might want to try the Short when initially buying the support. If necessary, you can always buy the Standard Arm as a separate item should the Short feel...well, too short. :-) PS: I'm saving the Standard Arm in the Sagework box--should I suddenly hit a growth, yeah, something like that or meet someone who has a Short and needs a Standard. Cheers.

For classical guitar, I find the short strut n excellent solution

I purchased the standard Sagework Guitar Support having tried every other option I was aware of, including the GuitarLift. I found the GuitarLift was very solid and comfortable, but it is not easy to store and move around when gigging. I was also concerned that the suckers could lose their stickiness during a concert. I looked at the Sagework Guitar Support because it would easily fold up and fit into a guitar case.

I found that the standard Sagework Guitar Support's strut was too long to be reliable for a classical guitarist because it had to be fixed at an acute angle to the guitar body and would slip when any pressure was applied downwards. I ordered a replacement (short) strut from Sagework and found that the short strut would fit vertically under the guitar. The support will still collapse when significant downward pressure is applied to the guitar, but I can't see any way around that.

The Sagework Guitar Support is highly adjustable and quite easy to fit. The first thing to do is to determine where to place the support under the guitar so that the sound hole is located centrally. This fact dictates the position of the rear strut and, as you can see in the attached picture, may force you to have the rear strut attached to the guitar at an angle. This is why you shouldn't push down too hard while you are playing - but you shouldn't be doing that anyway, in my view.

One other point: with all of the available guitar supports, I still found that I still needed some sort of footstool to raise my leg. I found that I needed to have my thigh horizontally level to work best. Using the Sagework Guitar Support has removed all of the back ache I previously experienced.

I would recommend the Sagework Guitar Support as a workable and practical solution against all of the alternative solutions - but classical guitarists will probably need the short front strut option.

I wish I bought it earlier

I have recently bought this support. It was a breeze to install. It is very easy to attach and detach. Most importantly, it is so comfortable to play the guitar with this support. No need to carry a foot stool anywhere. It easily adjusts to any chair. Love this product.


The Sagework guitar support is top notch. Well designed and built with quality material. With all the adjustments designed into this product, I can't imagine this product not working for anyone that is looking for a more comfortable guitar position. This has allowed me to play longer as I am in a comfortable position, and I am not always having to adjust my guitar.