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It works as advertised and is top quality. My back is SO grateful.

Back pain gone

While I don't mind using my footstool for a quick practice, if I decide to go for 40 hours my back gets quite sore. This has alleviated that problem amazingly.

one brace for 2 guitars

I have a Sagework guitar brace that I love. But I have two guitars and needed a brace for the second one. Instead, I just got another set of magnets, installed them on guitar #2, and now I simply move t he brace from one guitar to the other. I made it so that the guitars (both classical) are held at the same angle as each other so that when I switch guitars, there is no learning curve to adapt to different angles. I really like Sagework's products.

Great product

I have the original Sageworks suction-cup frame from 25 years ago and had gradually stopped using it in favor of a pillow/footstool combination. But recently after seeing the newer magnetic units, I decided to purchase one. it is super-stable and easy to take on and off without any chance of slipping. I will keep the older one as a traveling unit for another guitar or for a loaner. Very happy!

Excellent product!

Well built, comfortable to use. Pleasant communication with the seller.

Great product!

Great product, great company! Love their business!!!

The Best!

This is by far the best ever leg rest I have used. Not only that it looks good, but it's durable and doesn't slide on my leg. It makes my guitar playing more fun and comfortable and can practice for longer periods now. I highly recommend this product.

Best guitar support I've ever used

I've been playing Classical & Flamenco guitar for most of my life and have used footstools, cushions, A-Frames, left leg over right knee, etc, etc... I knew when I saw the Sagworks Support that it was going to enhance my playing, and it has. With both of my feet on the ground and with the ability to adjust the height of both legs of the support, it allows for greater ease of playing and more relaxation. I ordered a 2nd set of magnets for my Flamenco Guitar so I can use the same support with both instruments. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a logical alternative to the footstool.

guitar support

Love my new Sagework guitar support!

I Love It!!

Beautiful.. Well made.. Solid support. Highly recommended .

Excellent product!

Excellent product! Well made, adaptable, and beautiful. Seamless S&H. Very happy and will return as customer. Thank you!

I am falling in love to the Sagework Umbra support.

It is very sturdy and very comportable.


way better than footstools. recommend.

Every guitar owner should have one

This is my first guitar so I've been on a gear buying binge and this was at the top of my list. Initially I raised my leg using the ball of my foot, which quickly became uncomfortable and began to look for an alternative. Footrests seemed to be the only option, but they didn't seem like they'd be comfortable for long term use especially since propping my foot on books had already become rather uncomfortable and could potentially lead to hip issues. This led me to look for a more ergonomic solution and the Sagework guitar support was just the answer. From my time in the military I've developed shoulder, back, and knee pain. Thanks to Sagework's support I can keep my feet level and on the ground and shoulders even all while still lifting my guitar to a comfortable position so I don't have to hunch over my Hummingbird to see what I'm doing. The magnets are very sturdy and haven't harmed the finish at all. Getting into my sound hole was a bit of a awkward, but that's likely only because I'm a newbie. The support systems are very sturdy and clearly built to last. In fact after putting it on I put it over my right leg and began to play, only for it to snap a couple of times, which of course was concerning. After checking it out to make sure everything was still fine, I realized the bottom portion that rests on the leg was simply tilting so the guitar would lean towards me, which is actually how I hold the guitar. Now, I simply pop it on before playing and my Hummingbirds falls right in to place, ready for hours of play. When I get my next guitar I'll definitely add another Sagework support!

Very nice support

Love this! It's well made and works great.

He loves it :)

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas, he’s a classical guitarist in college and his professor requires him to have practical equipment for performances. He’s had the suction cups and other types of attachments for his support, but he’s always wanted the magnet. Ever since he opened it on Christmas, he’s never stopped using his guitar. He doesn’t have to use his foot support anymore. He just snaps that baby on, one and done. The application and equipment setup process only took him 10 minutes. And it looks seemless during his performances. He absolutely LOVES it! This is a great product, and I’ll definitely come back for more!


I love doing business with sagework and love the sagework guitar support system. It’s the best out there.

Great guitar support, great customer service!

The guitar support works very well as advertised. The installation instructions were clear and concise. I also received a quick reply to a billing question I had. My guitar playing is so much more comfortable now!

Comparatively complex installation, pricey, might alter instrument's resonance

The product arrived in a timely manner, is well made, and does what it's designed to do. It will enable a solid support with no external attachments except when it's in use. To the extent that a support improves one's performance or capabilities, this support will provide those benefits. My objections were basically two. First, locating the optimum position for the internally fixed magnets is a giant PIA. You have to loosen/remove strings in order to relocate the magnets until you find exactly the right spots for them; then you have to affix the magnets very carefully to the inside of your guitar's soundbox at those exact locations. If you're thorough and precise, you could go through several iterations before finding the best locations. If you ever have to change the magnets' location, the process begins anew after you remove the adhesive strips holding them in place. External supports are a quantum level easier to attach and relocate. Second, luthiers are VERY particular about every detail related to their products' sound production - choice of wood, age of wood, style of bracing, type & location of adhesive, etc... It's hard for me to believe that placing two dead-weights against a guitar's curved interior does not alter its sonic signature, subtly or not so subtly. I haven't executed a comparative frequency analysis to confirm that, but would be astonished if my intuition were wrong. Externally attached products would also have an impact on an instrument's sonic characteristics, but very probably to a significantly lesser degree. External products involve neither adhesive nor constant mechanical forces applied to both sides of resonant components of the soundbox. There simply HAS to be a sonic cost involved; whether it's enough to matter is the question.

Hello, Brian.

Thank you for your review. To respond to your three main points:

Adding securely attached magnets and a support to the side of your guitar will almost surely do nothing to the sound of your guitar. If anything, it may make your guitar a bit louder due to the added mass, but most likely there will be no difference. Adding magnets to a total area of about 2 square inches of the sides of the guitar is inconsequential, especially since the sides have the least amount of effect on the sound of the guitar in total. Out of thousands of customers, none have reported a change in sound to their instruments. Using a footstool and placing your guitar on your leg would be a much more dramatic change to the sound of your guitar due to the the much larger area of contact between the guitar and your leg. Suction cups would also, in theory, be more likely to change the sound of your guitar as there is no internal mass to offset the dampening effect of the exterior cups.

In the first steps of the installation, the magnets are not installed with adhesive. When they are placed in the interior and the support attached to the exterior it is just as stable as if there were adhesive strips applied, but you can slide the guitar on the exterior and the interior magnets will follow. In this way you can easily determine the optimal location of the support. (You just have to make sure there isn't a brace in the way.)

It is true that once the adhesive is installed, to change the position it all must be done from the beginning, but if you follow the previous step thoroughly, you shouldn't need to move the magnets once they are installed with adhesive.

I hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, please reply to this review or contact me using the 'Contact us' link on the website.

Best regards,
Geoff Ferdón
Sagework Guitar Supports

Great Product

Received within days after ordering. Quality construction. Easy to install perfect for its intended use.


I ordered it on Dec 8th, it still has not arrived, could view tracking all the way to Chicago. Last USPS tracking said it left Chicago on the 17th. Just had to go to Saint Louis. Still waiting for it. It was shipped two day too.

Hello, Danny.

I do apologize for the long delay. I see that USPS received your order on Dec 8, but it didn't arrive until Dec 28! I have refunded your shipping costs for this order.

Best regards,
Geoff Ferdon

Early review

Very well made. Waiting for string change in next week to mount it but looks like a very good product.

Works very well

It has been attached to my guitar since I received it and it works perfectly and looks very good.

Hello, Mr. Rahmandad.

Thank you for your review! I'm glad you're pleased with your support.

Just to note, though, it's not good to leave any guitar support attached to your guitar long term. We recommend removing the support when you're not using it.

Best regards,

Best Support

Received the support and installed it while I was installing new tuners and doing some maintenance. This is a GREAT support. I have been playing for many years and tried just about every support but never found one that checked all of the boxes. The Sageworks support is very comfortable, completely adjustable, very sturdy and easy to install, and won't cause any problems with the French Polish. Feels very secure when playing. I found it doesn't slip, slide or move around even when you get a little out of sync. when playing difficult pieces as it is always in the same spot every time you install it on whatever guitar you are playing. Highly recommend this support. I also want to mention the customer support is outstanding.

Great product

Really happy with the Sage guitar support. Product is well made, installation is straightforward (as long as you know how to follow instructions), and the range of adjustments allows for a great setup.