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Overall the product is well made. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. A couple of things that I experienced
I followed your instructions but the installation was very difficult and took 45 minutes. I almost gave up. I was not able to get my arm far enough inside the guitar to securely attach the magnet in the lower bout using the 3M strips. I used all but one strip.

After playing for a couple of days I don't think I have it properly positioned. The guitar doesn't feel secure. It is not balanced and tends to fall away from my body or the head dips down when I don't have my arm holding it. It does not fell secure yet. I have been hesitant to reposition the magnets because I only have one strip left but more importantly I may need to take it to a luthier or find someone with smaller hands/forearms who can reach inside.

I wish the padded thigh rest were wider (maybe an 1") and a bit longer. It might be a bit more secure.

I want to continue using it but any advice on installation and how I can make my guitar more secure?


Easy Change

The long arm was to much for me. The short arm was easy to change and works great. I use this on a steel string and the lowest setting gets the nut to eye level, perfect for me.

Sagework guitar support

I,m very satisfied with this product. A big problem of mine with the guitar support is solved, It works perfectly. My only concern is: is it helthy to have such strong magnets so close to your body?

Perfect Support

This is my upgrade from a foot stand. I saw reviews of several types and selected this as secure, adjustable, and unlikely to mar the guitar. It arrived very well protected and nicely organized. I followed the instructions, and found it pretty easy to install. My guitar is now at the correct angle and height, and I no longer have to fool with my leg on the foot stand and occasional guitar slippage. It is super easy to remove the support, and to re-install. It is perfect!

Thin body guitar beware

Totally difficult as it is oversized for the inside of a thin body guitar. I went through a bunch of adhesives. Then realized it wasn’t sitting flat as the two walls in the guitar have ridges raising so the magnets are sitting empty. After I placed it it would come undone. So I ended up modifying the tape and placed extra thickness in middle, still the lower magnet came undone and is now on the top magnet lol. I am pretty handy and have small hands, this was à botched attempt. So will see if it works just cantilevered in there on the top support, hope that will be enough magnetic force to stabilize 65% of the weight. Not what I envisioned for $80.

Excellent Product

Just putting one on my second guitar. So easy to use. I like not using a foot stand thus no back strain and better than a thigh support because it does not move once I get it dialed in.

Exactly What I Was Hoping For

I've used a footstool for 30 years, and this is so much better. It's not only easier to use, more portable, and more comfortable, it's much better for my posture. It's easier to sit up straight and I don't feel any strain, which was my main reason for wanting to switch. I also like how adjustable it is depending on what type of chair I'm using and how it gives me many more options compared to the footstool.

Easy to install, easy to remove and pack, easy to "snap" back on the guitar in about 5 seconds.

Customer service was excellent. Had to downsize from the tall size to the regular size and they made it super easy (I'm 6' and tend to position the neck closer to my body if that helps anyone trying to figure out which size to get).

Literally, nothing bad to say - would recommend this to anyone!

Very satisfied with product and service

I purchased the short arm part after emailing Geoff @ Sagework. I had some issues with slippage and the shorter arm seems to have solved my problem. I appreciate the customer service response. Very professional company.

Awesome quality

Love it. Super comfortable. Got an Altas for one of my guitars and loved it. So i had to get an Umbra for my other guitar.

Great support

I tried a guitar support with suction cups before, but it wouldn't stick to my guitar. This one was a bit trickier to install — definitely take your time, and watch the videos carefully — but it's very doable. I'm a beginner and managed it by loosening the guitar strings and reaching my hand inside the guitar. Once the magnets on the inside of the guitar were installed, the support worked well. What a relief, after those suction-cup supports! Seems like a great support overall.

Why SageWorks?

I’ve been using ErgoPlay for many years and my problem was always with suction cups.. they always unreliable especially if you play out.. thanks for the magnet idea SageWork solves this problem:)
All my guitars have magnets in them :)

My first choice

I’ve been using guitar supports for years, Ergoplay was always what I was buying, but because I’m playing out a lot , the suction cups on the device were always unreliable.. … and I discovered Sagework’s :) thanks for great innovation! All my guitars neon have magnets :)

Super happy with this!

The longer arm arrived promptly, was very easy to install and allowed me to set the angle of my guitar perfectly. The system is very comfortable overall and allows me to keep playing position no matter where I'm sitting. Best of all, it can still be collapsed down small enough to fit in my case!

Review of Sagework Umbra

I've got some pain on my left wrist, fingers and back because of using the footstool while playing classical guitar. That's why I needed a guitar support to replace the footstool. I compared with different products on market and finally I decided to try Sagework Umbra. After using the Umbra, I've felt that my left hand has less pain. As a result, I recommend Sagework Guitar Support to anyone who encounters similar health problem.

The only one that works for me.

The Sage guitar support is the only adjuster that works for me. Especially, when it comes to the Tall attachment. I prefer the Umbra over the Atlas. I like the Wood look but the Plastic one is perfectly engineered and make no noise and no unwanted movements at all. It’s also a lot cheaper.

Not Perfect, may try the standard.

I bought the Tall version and find that I want to put the small part down totally and raise the other to the very lowest. I like the the ability to tilt the guitar towards my body. I may order the Regular lift and try that. I think I am in between. Overall it’s good so far.

Needed lower guitar height

I love the standard height Umbra support but after using it for a few months and changing the mounting location once I decided that I needed to have a slightly lower neck. Instead of purchasing a new support I went with the short version of the adjustable arm. The arm was easy to install and the result fits me much better.

Very happy with it

I'm a beginner and have never used any other support. I disliked the idea of suction cups. This is a great solution. The magnets hold very well, but the support is easily removed in a second for storing. Just follow the clear directions for installation. I actually had to remove the command strips to reposition them-that was a bear. So be careful. The second time around I used velcro command strips to make it easier should I need to do it again.


This support is so stable it has improved. Y playing. I dud not realize how much tension I had in my left hand unconsciously holding the guitar. Thank you.

Really nice!

It was exactly as it was advertised. Very high quality, easy to install and best of all, it e=really works well.

Hi, I have only used it a few times and I am unable to evaluate it because I purchase the large one, I should have purchased a smaller one. Is it possible for me to return the large one in exchange for the smaller one. The concept seems very sound.
Thank you for your consideration,

Great Supports

I have the regular and short support. Being paralyzed it is difficult to get any sized guitar to feel comfortable, especially for my left hand. The supports with all the adjustments allow me to find the optimal position on small to dreadnought size guitars. They make the guitars feel solid are well held in place and never accidentally loosen or come off. Highly recommended.


Great system.

Clever and eminently functional design

It took some trial and error to find the best place to install the support, which was made into a challenge by the presence of wood side reinforcements in my guitar. A magnet would need to be placed on one side or the other of one of those supports. I also was aware that the best performance for the support required the longer, front leg to be as straight as possible. After a few hours of trial, I installed the magnets and was ready to go. The next morning I thought the position of the support, and the guitar as a result, could be improved so I needed to remove the two magnets. Pulling the tabs to do so is pointless, but I found that alternately twisting the magnets one way and then the other they eventually became loose. Patience was the key!

My collection of supports now includes a NeckUp, which I have had for decades, a Dynarette, a Tenuto Pro and the Sagework. So far, I would say the Sagework is the winner. The Sagework bests my previous favorite, the Tenuto Pro, by the adjustability of the legs and the quickness and ease of magnetic attachment.

Overall, I think it is a very clever design and I am pleased with the product and service from the vendor.

Outstanding guitar support

I have tried several other guitar supports and this is definitely the best you can buy, and worth every penny. Stays in place and no worry of suction cups coming lose while playing. You can relax and concentrate on your music. It is easy to install and I LOVE the fact that you can fold it up and put it in your guitar case. If your trying to decide, trust me, it will be well worth it.