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Short Arm part

I originally bought the Sagework guitar support with a Standard Arm. For months I was convinced that for my classical guitar position the Standard arm even at its lowest was still a bit too high. I hesitated to return the support because I assumed I had waited too long to make an exchange for the Short model. At last, I found out that the Standard and Short arms are interchangeable, and that I would not have to buy another complete Sagework guitar support, this time the "Short" model. I then ordered the "Short" arm only. With the hex wrench supplied in the original box, I immediately replaced my Standard arm with the Short arm. I have been using the support ever since without the feeling it was too high. It took only a few minutes to replace the arms. And it cost me only $16 + tx/shipping to get the Short arm, not $76 + tx/shipping to buy a second support. The only regret I have is that I did not learn months earlier that the Standard and Short Arms are interchangeable before my initial purchase of the support. I believe I'm a male of average height. If you are over 6', the Standard might suit you. If you are, say, between 5'9"-5'11", you might want to try the Short when initially buying the support. If necessary, you can always buy the Standard Arm as a separate item should the Short feel...well, too short. :-) PS: I'm saving the Standard Arm in the Sagework box--should I suddenly hit a growth, yeah, something like that or meet someone who has a Short and needs a Standard. Cheers.

Excellent product.

Works very well. It far outperforms any of the similar supports that depend on suction cups. The only issues I find troublesome are that the magnets can be hard to place if the sound hole is not big enough. That can be overcome with a little ingenuity, but it is a problem. Another issue is that the 3M Command strips don't hold well if the inside surface of the guitar is rough and unfinished, but that is also solvable. In all the Sageworks is, for me a MUCH better system than any of the others.

Excellent Product

I am absolutely delighted with the Atlas guitar support. I thought I would need a few days to adjust to the new position, but it literally was a matter of minutes.
I am significantly more relaxed while playing and my entire posture has improved. It really is a remarkably good product. The fact that it is very stable on the guitar is so reassuring compared to my past experience with suction systems. Thanks for creating this wonderful product.

Wish these had been around a long time ago

I had my luthier install magnets for the support on four of my classical guitars. It has made a tremendous difference in playing and practicing. I believe lower back problems I suffer from were caused in part or in total buy using a footstool. I tried the pillow, I tried the strap, I tried the suction cup supports. The suction cup support worked for awhile except it marred the guitar finish and would fall of at inopportune moments. The Sageworks are perfect. I’ve been using them for a month now and can’t recommend them highly enough. I particularly enjoy their adjustability. I am very, very pleased with this product.

Excellent Product and wonderful service

Very happy with how the support is built, had a question on the magnets and got a reply back on a holiday! Husband loves the design and how it works on multiple guitars. Great product and company! A++++

"Training wheels" I'll use for the long haul

The Sagework guitar support makes achieving the right posture and angle of the guitar, utterly effortless. This frees me to concentrate on the myriad other things to be learned! I've only had this for two weeks, and it's already invaluable to me.

The only reason I'm giving this four stars instead of five, is that the documentation makes a lot of assumptions about what they have to explain, and what they don't.

Solid Flexibility

I first bought the standard model but it was too tall for me ( I am 4' 11") so I decided to try the short model. It is working pretty well for me, especially in that it allows me to hold the guitar and keep my back straight. The support is extremely flexible and can be used on either leg. It just takes some time to try out all of the possibilities of positioning before you find the right one for your needs. I only wish that it was a little lighter. Perhaps the more expensive Atlas model that is hand made and uses wood would be lighter.

Very good product! Like!

I have searched so long for the guitar support product. I read the review each of them. Sagework’s review is very high, so I decide to buy the guitar support from Sagework.

I bought an Umbra and two sets magnet set for two of my guitars.

It works very well. I’m very happy what I did. The magnets are so powerful, so when you install them just have to watch your fingers.

Many thanks Sagework! Very good Quality guitar support!

Very good

Quality products!

Works great! No more foot rests for me.


This is a fabulous product. I have installed the magnets in each of my classical guitars. The grip is stable and leaves no marks.

For classical guitar, I find the short strut n excellent solution

I purchased the standard Sagework Guitar Support having tried every other option I was aware of, including the GuitarLift. I found the GuitarLift was very solid and comfortable, but it is not easy to store and move around when gigging. I was also concerned that the suckers could lose their stickiness during a concert. I looked at the Sagework Guitar Support because it would easily fold up and fit into a guitar case.

I found that the standard Sagework Guitar Support's strut was too long to be reliable for a classical guitarist because it had to be fixed at an acute angle to the guitar body and would slip when any pressure was applied downwards. I ordered a replacement (short) strut from Sagework and found that the short strut would fit vertically under the guitar. The support will still collapse when significant downward pressure is applied to the guitar, but I can't see any way around that.

The Sagework Guitar Support is highly adjustable and quite easy to fit. The first thing to do is to determine where to place the support under the guitar so that the sound hole is located centrally. This fact dictates the position of the rear strut and, as you can see in the attached picture, may force you to have the rear strut attached to the guitar at an angle. This is why you shouldn't push down too hard while you are playing - but you shouldn't be doing that anyway, in my view.

One other point: with all of the available guitar supports, I still found that I still needed some sort of footstool to raise my leg. I found that I needed to have my thigh horizontally level to work best. Using the Sagework Guitar Support has removed all of the back ache I previously experienced.

I would recommend the Sagework Guitar Support as a workable and practical solution against all of the alternative solutions - but classical guitarists will probably need the short front strut option.

Down with footstools!

Oh God, you're playing classical guitar -- with a footstool?? Do you know what that's doing to your lower back? Guitar supports are the only way to go. There are several varieties, but the best are the magnetic supports. The braces will damage the guitar finish over time, and the suction cups don't work well. The magnetic supports are the best designed support, and should be used by all classical guitarists.


I love that you can just buy extra magnets and move the amazing Sagework's from guitar to guitar! well done

Great guitar support

This is a great guitar support. It's adjustable enough for the vast majority of guitarists and it stays in place really well. Its a bit of a pain to install though, and the narrow contact point where the support meets the leg means that it can be a bit more prone to cutting off circulation to the leg if you lean on it too much. But overall, probably one of the best supports out there and hopefully, it lasts longer than my last one.

Great product

I've been using a foot stool for years and came across your product in a classical guitar magazine. I purchased the Atlas model and LOVE IT! Anyone who plays classical guitar should own this product!!

How many guitars?

Just like the originals, must haves.

No more sore bum!

Old is not the perfect time to start guitar, this contraption has enabled me to extend my practice. I'll need another as a spare, just in case, just in the case, Dave N.

Great Support

I have been using foot stools for awhile, and was intrigued by this device. So far it has exceeded my expectations as it is helping my posture and playing positions. Highly recommended!

Works great for my OM-sized steelstring

I am playing fingerstyle on steelstring guitars (guitar rests on the right leg). For about 2 years I am using the standard Umbra support for a jumbo size guitar, but for my OM this support is too large. The short Umbra fits perfectly, playing has become much more relaxed!

Unfortunatly, the short Umbra was not available from a European dealer so I had to order directly from Sagework. Delivery to Germany went well and took only 3 days (DHL).

Solid construction, easy to install

High quality and well-made. I foresee no issues with the support in the long term. The adjustment options make for a perfect guitar position for optimal playing.

First time support use - EXCELLENT

I've never used a support before. My research pointed unambiguously to Sagework as an industry leader. I practice in various places in the house, and it wasn't convenient to bring a footstool with me. This meant that my left foot was propped on all kinds of things: stacks of reference books, paint cans, dry wall compound cans, etc.

With the Sagework support, it's super-portable since it's stuck on the guitar, and I can play in nearly any chair in the house. Really excellent.

If there's a drawback it is that I used to place my guitar balancing on its bottom. Now that the support is on there, it's much heavier on one side so I actually need to prop it on something! :-D

Beautiful! And functional.

I've been looking for the best guitar support with little success. Sagework is comfortable, easily portable, and looks beautiful as well. I've stopped looking for the best guitar support now.

just what you said it would be

your sagework guitar support is just what you promised it would be , looks good , well built ,
but it's just not for me , but i had to find out for myself , it works great ,but just not for me .
thank you
bob diaz

Order was fast, delivery efficient. Product looks good. Not tried yet (will wait for the next string change. More to come.