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Excellent Quality

Great comfort and positioning of the guitar.

Very Effective

Arrived promptly and very well packaged. Installation of internal magnets was a bit tricky to get straight, due to the instant-sticking command strips. A longer tack time would have been helpful. One of mine was a bit crooked, but the external magnets still hold firm. Really helps guitar and body posture. No more footrest!

Works super well

Took a couple of tries to get the magnet placement right. Seemed like every time I tried to place one of them, it would twist and land crooked. But with a little perseverance I was able to get it. Might have been just me. Anyway, once that was solved, I’m loving it. Put a second set of magnets on another guitar and now both instruments feel like they land in the exact same comfortable position every time I play. Footstool just became obsolete.

excellent product

The best product I've used so far. The magnets hold the support very well unlike the other suckers and they do not change the sound as I could read somewhere. The support is adjustable at will. The structure seems solid to me. The product is worth the price, except the excessive customs duties, but sagework guitar supports is not for nothing. Thank you for your professionalism.

Fairly easy installation, very adjustable, very comfortable.

Fantastische gitaarsteun

Op een paar kleine dingen na is deze gitaarsteun perfect: de beensteun heeft nogal scherpe hoeken ( zelf afgevijld en gepolijst ) en de kurken steunplaatjes zijn vlak terwijl een zijkant van een gitaar overal een kleine bolling heeft: hier zouden deze plaatjes ahw een beetje hol moeten zijn gelijk aan de bolling van de gitaar: dan zou de steun sterker op de gitaar aangetrokken worden !
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Jan Warmerdam

Perfect. very good product.

Works as advertised

Much more stable, adjustable, and secure than any other support I have used. Installation was easy enough but my wife had to do it since my hands wouldn't fit through the sound hole. The only down side is the cost of extra magnets for use on multiple guitars. For those of us with a number of guitars, and guitarists do love to collect guitars, this makes this a very expensive option. Other supports are easily transferable from one guitar to another. That being said, the support does it's job so well I still give it 5 stars.

Order Received!

Order cam quickly and with all the items I requested.

Thank you for the prompt service.

awesome quality

This is a really nicely made piece of gear. Works exactly as advertised. Extremely adjustable and comfortable.

Easy to install and works well. Well worth the price!


I have 2 guitars. Great & EZ switch between them.

Great item

It steadies the neck for easier playing.

Great device!

Exploring new guitar supports and so glad I did! I really enjoy the design of this support and how easy it was to install. It definitely took me a few days of experimenting with different placements of the support, but I settled into one that works nicely for me. The adjustable pieces are so well designed! It’s wonderful to practice without having a footstool to carry around all the time or worry about suction cups coming off mid-performance. It fits nicely in my case and I really like the black color. Hopefully you all come out with a black “tall” arm piece soon! The wooden ones are beautiful, but I prefer the black since it tends to blend in better. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it.

A support that WORKS!

Though still in the learning stage of Classical Guitar (and probably always will be), I have tried too many different supports. This one works, is nearly infinitely adjustable, and (most importantly) it stays in place. No worries about it coming loose; it Won't. My mind is now on the music and my playing, NOT on the support staying in place. No matter what. You owe it to yourself to get one of these. There is nothing like it; solid and stable (if that is what you want and need). The delivery was fast, and the packaging was as nice as the item. Installation was easy and quick (and I'm not a DIY type of guy). Buy One. You won't be sorry.

Disappointed. Ordered 2 sets, paid for 2 sets. Box and packing note shows 2 sets. Only received 1 set.

My apologies, Mr. Buttrose! This was my error, as I'm the one who packed your order. I will have another set on its way to you ASAP. Could you use a third set? I'd be glad to include another for you. Best regards, Geoff Ferdon Sagework Guitar Supports
Love the Support!

Have been using the "short"Umbra model support for about two years now. Tried various other supports and wouldn't use anything else on a classical guitar now.

I decided to go with the short model because I am "short-waisted" - that is, shorter than some people from the shoulder to waistline. However, today I am ordering the standard model to experiment with. Sometimes, I think I'd like to have my guitar at a slightly higher angle and the short model doesn't stretch extend quite far enough.

I love the stability of the support. It stays put, not falling off on the floor. Feels like a part of the instrument.

The attachment via the magnets is very solid. BUT when I first got it, I did have to develop an awareness of it and not lean on/over my guitar (shouldn't be doing that anyway) - after all, it's a guitar support, not a body support! Now it is a seamless part of my setup and I miss it if I don't remember to pop it on.

Clever design and handsome product.

Portable and useful. Can use anywhere anytime. I like playing on the bench in park. Make me like to play guitar more.


Perfect for when you have multiple guitars. Easy to install.


Great product. Easy to install.


The Sagework guitar support is top notch. Well designed and built with quality material. With all the adjustments designed into this product, I can't imagine this product not working for anyone that is looking for a more comfortable guitar position. This has allowed me to play longer as I am in a comfortable position, and I am not always having to adjust my guitar.

Umbra Guitar Support

Received the Umbra guitar support a couple weeks ago and have not stopped using it since. A perfectly comfortable device that allows for a very relaxed playing position with zero effort required to maintain. Wonderful product.


This is a well made, well engineered product. I have a very unusual style of holding my guitar and the Sagework Umbra has all the adjustments required to satisfy even my unique style. It is a top quality product , easy to install. I plan on many years of playing with my Sagework Umbra.