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Love This!

I love this support. It is very well designed and is very well made. It really help keep the guitar in place without any strap getting in the way or irritating your neck. The design with the magnet is ingenious. Love how you can just remove the support by yanking on it so you can put the guitar in the case and then just snap the support back on when you need to play.


I found I was still elevating my left foot up to my toe, so decided to order the extension. IT'S PERFECT. Easy to install and exactly what I needed. Should have done it sooner.
Quick delivery too!!!

Simply The Best!

The Sageworks Guitar Support is hands down THE best I’ve used.
The design is is elegant with sold wood pieces!

Thank You Geoff Ferdon for sending the needed magnets!

Very Stable

I purchased the Umbra model for my 2002 Taylor NS32. Regular supports that affix by suction cup didn't work on that guitar because of the wood and the finish, and after experimenting with several other ways to elevate the guitar (Dynarette cushion, bean bags, etc.) I decided to give the Sagework support a try after seeing a video review on Bradford Werner's web site. The Sagework support delivers. It's easy enough to set up (read the directions!) and provides a very stable base for the classical guitar.

I am David, not Barbara, and I love the guitar support.

Well conceived, designed, and manufactured. It is so adjustable and stable I forget it is there, and I've never been able to say that before! Thank you Sagework

Great solution

I have purchased 4 of these supports, and extra magnets as well. The best supports I have used in my 50 years performing. I have them in my classical and flamenco guitars, my 7-string, and my Stauffer guitar. Will never use anything else.

Seamless upgrade

I needed my position a little higher. This longer arm fixed that just fine. My only critique is that a hex wrench should be included. Otherwise, it was simple to install and worked well.

Better for my back

Great guitar support. It helps me to maintain better posture than a foot stool. Really classes up my $200 Yamaha, too. ;) Now I have to make a trek to Siccas to get a guitar to match my support.

Finally! A more comfortable solution to not having to use a footstool!

I found this particular style of guitar support very accommodating and easy to set up. I am still tweaking some positioning with it as there are so many options to try. It took me awhile to make the decision to go with a guitar support because I thought that it was sacrilegious not to use a footstool in classical guitar. But after seeing other guitarists in the classical guitar orchestra I played in, use various kinds of supports, and me being so uncomfortable in my hip and shoulder, I inquired as to how they felt about their guitar supports. Also, since I just signed up with The Woodshed Classic guitar program, I have found a great review by its instructor Allen Matthews and many reviews by other classical guitar professionals. In my short time of using the Sagework Umber Support I have found it to be very comfortable and it has helped me with proper positioning of my guitar. Most definitely worth it. I also purchased a second set of magnets for my other classical guitar. I only wish they came with a forth removable sticker. I will search in some stores for one.


The instructions do include a warning to be careful when handling the magnets, but I didn’t fully appreciate the risk to the guitar. My advice to would-be purchasers is to consider carefully whether this product is worth the risk of splitting the wood on your guitar. I just shipped my very expensive guitar to the luthier to repair the 4” crack in the side. I won’t use this thing again. On the bright side, one magnet proved to be a perfect solution for holding shut the door to my mailbox.

Dear, Patrick.

I'm very sorry to hear about your guitar! That is terrible to hear. You are the first of thousands that we've heard of with a cracked guitar. The very first lines of the instructions state: 'Neodymium (rare earth) magnetic fields are extremely strong. They must be handled with care to avoid personal injury, damage to the magnets, and damage to your guitar.' Still, though, we will make it more prominent and add a warning note that is visible upon first opening the box in case someone attempts the install without reading the instructions.

Can you tell me what happened? Was the magnet pulled out of your hand and hit the guitar?

Please send us a bill and we will pay for your repairs.


I haven't put them on yet. Life is busy!

Easily the Best Support Available

I've tried a few of the alternatives as far as supports go, the old reliable footstool, but the Sagework support is by far the most comfortable, and sturdy feeling device on the market. I actually enjoy it so much I've ordered a second and am just waiting for it to ship out now. Hopefully it ships out soon! I can't wait to install it on my newest guitar =)

Step up from suction cups

So far so good; secure and ergonomic thanks to adjustability. Appears well made

Great support!!

I am very happy with my new guitar support. It was easy to install and works really well. I had to exchange my original purchase for a smaller size. The company was very responsive. I had my new support in only a few days. I was hesitant to try something new but I’m so happy I did. Thanks for the great product!

Only a few days, and my playing has noticeably improved

I've only been playing classical guitar for about 4 months now, but I had already heard how great Sagework supports were. I am here to say it is worth every penny. This has helped significantly with posture, which has helped my left hand be significantly more accurate. It is so liberating to be able to adjust how I am sitting, and the position of the guitar will be virtually the same as it was. It's comfortable, and the look and build quality blows away everyone I show it to. I just might buy another to always keep in my case so I never forget it anywhere.


Works very well for me.
I really appreciate that you allow customers to buy individual parts like this.
Thank you!


One month in, and I love it.

Really like the way this feels, adjusts and looks on my classical guitar (with a cut away). Wanted to give it some time before I wrote this review and see if my installation, which I was worried about, held up. I did get pinched with the magnets even after reading the warnings, and underestimated how strong they are while handling them during the installation. Make sure you got a solid grip. And if you can, do not be lazy like me and leave your strings on the guitar. Take them off. It would make it so much easier.

Great engineering

I’m impressed by the design details of the Sagework guitar support. I’ve only used it a couple of weeks, but so far I’ve enjoyed having it. I think using a foot stand want causing me to have back issues. I look forward to using it much more.

Sageworks Umbra

I've used Sageworks suction-cup guitar supports for decades but have had issues with the suction cups' reliability. I purchased the Barrett and my initial test showed it to be very stable and adjustable. However, my best efforts to avoid injury installing the magnets permanently failed. They are super powerful, as the instructions warn, and snap together even when separated by several inches. They pinched my finger and left a bruise. I haven't installed them inside the guitar permanently yet as I'm thinking there should be some way of neutralizing them when the guitar support is not attached. My guitar case has steel fasteners; my guitar stand has a steel shaft. I could have metal keys in my pocket... I don't want my guitars attracting steel/iron objects or suddenly slamming into one as I'm casually passing by-- think doorknob, for instance. I'd really like to use this guitar support-- it's very well made-- but I hope Sageworks offers a solution to these concerns...One shouldn't be anxious about using a guitar support. Thanks.

Hello, Megan.

Thank you for your review.

The magnetic field only extends about two inches around the magnets and even at that distance, it is very weak. You shouldn't have any trouble with things slamming into your guitar.

Best regards,

Incredible product

Simply the best guitar support on the market. Very happy :)

Sagework Magnet Set
Pasquale Bianculli

They are 'fasten-ating"! Seriously, a well-mad product.

Sagework Magnet Set
Julian Snow
Sagework magnetic guitar support

This support system is far superior to either a footstool or neck-up brace to keep my guitar in the proper position. I appreciate your promptness in filling my order and will recommend you highly to interested parties. I only ordered the magnet set because I already have 2 supports for my other guitars and can interchange them. I'd appreciate mounting instructions because it's been a while since I installed the the other magnets.

Best guitar support I’ve used

So far this is the best guitar support I’ve used. The installation made me a little bit nervous but it worked out.My only complaint is the brokerage charges when shipping to Canada. It cost me 50% more.

Still worth it though!

Best guitar support ever

I can no longer play without it. This is my second one, for a second guitar. I highly recommend them, including the super service.

Great product

I had tried a few support techniques in the past, including using a foot stand and just holding the guitar up, and nothing was comfortable enough. This support feels great. I first tried the small size, but went with the standard size in the end. The installation is a little bit tricky, but doable.