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Just get one!

This thing is functionally perfect, very stable. The only improvement I can think of might be to add an overall rubberized covering to help protect guitar finish from any accidental contact, as the magnets are amazingly powerful. With care, this won't be a problem. Excellent design, build quality is optimal. The angle adjustable leg rest is inspired.

Simply Great

Very happy

Nothing else like it

Suction cup mounts, pillows, clamp-on, all sorts of foot stool replacements out there. None of them are as convenient, simple, and consistent as this. If you seek something that replaces the foot stool I'd suggest saving your money on all the other half measures and just get one of these. Everything is serviceable and adjustable, and once you find a good fit it will always snap to the exact same posture position every single time.

very nice guitar support

First guitar support that I tried so can’t really compare but very happy with quality and how it works. Very comfortable, gives good seating position and high quality build. It will make very light guitar feel noticeably heavier due to heavy magnets but not an issue at all, just a remark.

works great/ height be careful when installing

works great, I just wish they would make a tall version of the umbra/black version I am tall 6'4 and prefer to have my guitar up high but I really didn't want a wooden version It's supposed to be nicer but I think the black one is way cooler and I also don't want to have to worry about any kind wearing or weathering of the wood. so I got the regular sized umbra black one. the regular size actually goes pretty high when fully extended and is good enough I just would like it to go a little further. That is my only complaint other than that it works perfect does exactly what I need it to do, way better than a footstool or other supports for me

Be very cautious when installing the magnets because you can mess it up if you don't pay very close attention, make sure the magnets are aligned with the north and south poles of where they want to go or they will rotate in the guitar. I just didn't think of that when I placed the magnet inside the guitar with the adhesive because it was hard enough to get my hand in the sound hole while holding the thing so it rotated and ruined the adhesive while getting out of place it was fine I just had to use the spare adhesive. but that was my own fault.

Dear, Mr. Krieger: Thank you very much for your review. The information about the install will definitely be helpful to others. On the subject of the size, we are in the process of developing a Tall arm for the Umbra. Please check back in about a month and you can exchange your standard arm for the tall version. Best regards, Geoff Ferdon, Sagework Guitar Supports
Great Support

Very happy with this support. was concerned that it would be strong enough through my lattice top's double sides, but magnets are fine with it, and I tend to bear down on my instrument during hard barres and reaches more than I should. Getting more magnets for my other guitars. Highly recommended.

Converted the standard one, which I originally plan to use only for classical, to the short model, so I can use it on all my acoustic guitars!

No more leg crossing!
It even reminds me not to cross my legs


Arrived on time, actually faster than expected. I bought the longer version. It works best for me. Have the shorter which is good but this gives me more choices. Quality is excellent. Pavkaging is very high quality. It is more comfortable than the footstool that I had used for 5 years. More natural. I love this guitar accessory.

Shorter support

I exchanged the regular size support arm for the short version and for me it is so much more comfortable..
It is great that the Sagework support allows for this kind of adjustment as it is hard to know which size is best for you without trying it out for size.

Love it.

Easy to install. Mine does just occasionally slip, but not often enough to worry about. I would never go back to suction cups.

stable and comfortable

I had tried other support systems but the Sagework support is by far the best. Once the magnets are installed, the support is easy to place on the guitar and to remove without marking the finish and it stays on the guitar and does not fall off in the middle of practice or performance!
I got the regular size Umbra model which proved to be a bit too high for me, but the people at Sagework helped me solve the problem promptly and the lower hight version is more comfortable now. I am still experimenting with the best positioning for me but even my first try was an improvement on my comfort and efficiency. I wish I had got one earlier.
Thanks Sagework.

Works Great!

I purchased a Sagework Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support several months ago. I had never used a support before; I had always used a footstool. It is so much more comfortable to play with the Umbra Support, and my guitar is very stable, even more so than with the footstool. When I acquired a second guitar recently, the first purchase I made was for a second set of magnets. They installed very easily and its a breeze to share one support between both guitars. Couldn't be more satisfied with the product.

So far, it appears to be a good choice.
There were no issuesvrelated to the delivery.

Great for practice. However...

I would not use it for performance as it does collapse occasionally.
It is almost the perfect support for people like me that need to keep their feet on the floor.

Please don’t insult me by asking if it is put together properly.

Hello, Amy. Thank you for your review. Our support should never, ever collapse. You are the first person in 1,000's of supports to report this. Please contact me at so we can figure out what is going on with your support. Best regards, Geoff Ferdon / Sagework Guitar Supports
Best for Backs

This is the best classical guitar support system on the market--especially for those of us who may have chronic back problems. Before any new classical guitar arrives I order the magnets in advance and install immediately.

Allows Proper Guitar & Singing Posture Simultaneously

I frequently sing while playing the guitar, and only with this accessory have I been able to find an acceptable posture that is simultaneously conducive to both these activities. Holding the guitar horizontally on my right leg with no support or footstool compromises my ability to move up and down the fretboard, and also makes it difficult for me to keep my shoulders back. Holding the guitar on my left leg and using a footstool improves my guitar agility but squishes my diaphragm and therefore compromises my breath support. Before I found Sagework, I discovered that my preferred posture was to balance the guitar on my right left while keeping the neck up (e.g., kind of like Odair Assad), but in practice I never felt completely comfortable doing this, so both my playing and singing were stilted.

I was skeptical that this or any other guitar support would help me because I've spent money in the past on high end accessories (e.g., picks, strings, etc.), and those have had only a modest impact on my sound. However, Sagework's generous return policy persuaded me that I should at least try it.

I'm so glad I did. The Tall Atlas is the best guitar-related purchase I've ever made (other than the guitar itself). It allows me to position the guitar very close to my preferred position, and its magnetic fixtures and sturdy design mean I feel safe while doing so. I have become addicted to the support; after only one practice session, both my playing and singing improved markedly.

One practical piece of advice: Make sure to follow the directions on the "Sizing Options" page. A.k.a., Hold the guitar in your preferred position, and ask a friend to measure the distance directly up from your left thigh to the upper bout of the guitar. I originally neglected to do this and purchased a Standard Size model, but this measurement for me was 8", so if I'd followed the instructions properly, I would have known a priori that I needed the Tall model.

Nice to be able to use same support on multiple guitars

Work like the originals. Takes some work to get them positioned and taped in, but you only have to do that once. Add them during your regularly scheduled string change to reduce the effort. Don't know how to get them positioned in an "f" hole guitar or guitars with sound hole in the upper bout.

Expensive but worth it

I deducted one star because of the price. However, the magnets are incredibly powerful & never drop off(unlike suction cups). And given the quality and superior design of this brand of guitar support, complaining about the price of magnets is probably just nitpicking. This guitar support made a world of difference in my guitar playing & my hat is off to the man who created this truly remarkable device.

Switched after 55 years

Always used a foot rest, but it was one more thing to carry. This fits in my case. It has changed my position a bit but let's me play in any chair while maintaining a good position.

Best guitar support of all

After trying several guitar supports in an attempt to help my aching back, I finally found one that works perfectly— quick and easy to attach and remove. I now have magnets in 3 guitars, so I can use the same support in all three.

Guitar support

Fantastic. It will and already makes me a better guitarist. I didn't realize how much effort and strength I spent on some finger settings and playing on both hands. The ergometric marks a big difference after just one week. Slightly expensive the price ended up at about 150 dollars after shipping and customs into Norway. But I had bought it once.

Great design.

Excellent workmanship and function. Surprisingly easy to install and works great.

Very well made

The design is very flexible so it would fit on all normal guitars. Nigh quality and the magnets work great, easy to remove if mod needed (I missed one on first try). I use it on carbon fiber travel guitar that is small so this puts it in comfortable position.

Finally - a guitar support that fits and really works!

This is a fabulous support - stable, comfortable, easy to pack and it has improved my posture 100%. What I did not realize, was how much good posture would improve my sound and my ability to move my left hand much more easily on the fretboard. You will be very happy that you invested in this!!

Great quality

I’ve been hoping for a solid guitar support and have tried others without much satisfaction. I think this support is going to do the trick. Very adjustable and stable.