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Umbra Guitar Support

Received the Umbra guitar support a couple weeks ago and have not stopped using it since. A perfectly comfortable device that allows for a very relaxed playing position with zero effort required to maintain. Wonderful product.


This is a well made, well engineered product. I have a very unusual style of holding my guitar and the Sagework Umbra has all the adjustments required to satisfy even my unique style. It is a top quality product , easy to install. I plan on many years of playing with my Sagework Umbra.

Changed my fingering

I was using a stool with raised left leg ( I tried the right leg version also.) After a short testing back and forth and different positions the Sagework support changed the position of my left arm and the neck became more reachable, thus my fingering can be more perdendicular to the strings and the chords sound clearer. (I have a relatively short arm.)
Great workmanship; it is a pleasure to look at it.

Happiness is an upright playing position

I am quite tall (192cm) and was developing back pain when playing, because even with a foot rest in optimal position, my back was twisted. Having seen another review by a tall purchaser who was also very satisfied, I contacted Geoff thinking I would need the tall model. He advised me to try the regular model first, as the tall version was at that point not available. That has proven to be excellent advice. For the last month I have been able to sit comfortably to practice for 60-90 minutes without a twinge. The guitar is balanced and secure. The only issue I had was placing the magnets. I attached them according to the instructions, and let them sit for several hours. Several days later they fell off when I was carrying the guitar in its case. I replaced the 3M strips with double sided Gorilla mounting tape which has worked perfectly even when the guitar has been carried on aircraft. Altogether the Umbra support has been an excellent purchase which has helped to restore the enjoyment of playing. I highly recommend it!

Hello, John. We're very glad you're pleased with our support! I'd like to know more about the magnet adhesive strips not holding. If you would, please contact us about this. I'd like to make sure we do everything we can to resolve this problem for you and for anyone who may have the same trouble. Thank you -Geoff Ferdon Sagework
best guitar support

Quite simply, the best guitar support.

Best Support I've Purchased

I bought an expensive leather strap recommended by my guitar teacher, then I was asked to buy a foot stool to keep my guitar up and stable for both practicing at home and at my lessons. Problem was that in my home and where I go to my lessons all of the chairs have arms that interfere with holding the guitar properly. I had a problem with my guitar took it back to the music store . While in the store I saw a guitar stool, with metal bar for keeping my knee up to rest my guitar in proper position and bought one. Unfortunately the metal foot rest is mounted too high and not comfortable when practicing. Then I saw my online teacher 's guitar sort of floating when neither hand was on the guitar. I sent him an email asking about what I saw, and his guitar always in a proper position. He emailed me about his support, and gave me the SAGEWORK GUITAR SUPPORT site. At first I was skeptical, as to how this would work for me. Everything I've had so far was not working so well when practicing. However, I made a purchase and when my SageWork support arrived I immediately installed it on my guitar. Practicing now with the SAGEWORK support is very comfortable for me. I took it with me to my guitar lesson, and my teacher was also interested in how it was installed snd how well it supported my guitar always at the same angle, and throughout my lesson he took my guitar each time instead of his own my guitar telling me how nice it was for support when playing guitar when one is seated. I love my support and use it NOW 100% of the time! Great guitar support!

Game changer in guitar ergonomics

Brillliant design, near flawless execution. Throw your footstool away. This support allows me to use either leg, and gives me far greater options in accessing the neck of the guitar, rather than the footstool method, which has the guitar neck angled and elevated above my shoulder.

Extremely helpful tool

When playing musicals which require fast instrument changes it’s important to make the switches as efficient as possible.
The Sagework umbra makes that possible!

i am in love with my sagework support,now i play more relax on my guitar,the best support i know thanks.

As good as it gets

Very pleased with quality, price, timely delivery.

All Great!

Very nice guitar stand! It looks beautiful and works great!


Its is very beautiful and is so functional It has really helped my playing and technique

Well built, very promising

Finally, I can throw my footstool away - this is so much more comfortable and ergonomically better, with both feet flat on the floor! Better balance and posture.
An ingenious construction, very well built. Mounted it yesterday so I haven't tested it thoroughly. Attaching the magnets inside the guitar is naturally a little awkward, but well explained in the well-written instruction booklet.
Was pleased to see that the part which rests on the left thigh has adjustable angle. Sageworks has thought of everything, as far as I can see.

Umbra support

Umbra support works for me and is more reliable and stable than the suction cup system. It’s important to keep the long arm at right angles. For some classical guitars there might be a problem of placement of the support to fit the player. I’m happy with the purchase and recommend it.

Seems like good stuff.

Very adjustable and secure guitarsupport. So far I believe thus will be my choice for the future.

Crooked Cork

My rest works well, but has a minor flaw. The cork on the long part was slightly off. Not initially noticed, until I was seeing something on my finish. It was the glue that holds the cork on. The cork was set slightly to one side allowing a small portion of wood to be visible. This is where the glue came from, and the other side was hanging over a bit. Perhaps setting a larger piece of cork down, and trimming to fit each individual support would solve this issue. I was able to clean the glue with no further problem.

Dear Stephen, Thank you very much for your review and comments on the cork. We had a problem with the adhesive for a short time which caused the cork to not fully-cure immediately and to migrate out of position. This is corrected now. If you'd like, I can send you brand new cork pads with peel-and-stick adhesive on the back. Please just submit a request using the Contact Us link at Best regards, Geoff Ferdon Sagework Guitar Supports

Great support! Best I have used yet!

Great guitar support

Easy to install. I initially put the magnets in without securing with tape to adjust exactly where I wanted it. I left it like that for a day and then put the permanent tapes in the following day. After using a footrest for many years I thought it would take some time getting used to. It didn’t take any time at all. Maybe a minute. Love it!

Excellent product

I had been successfully using a high-quality suction cup based support for years, until I purchased a new classical guitar last year. The old guitar had a gloss finish that the suction cups loved, but my new one had a less shiny surface and the suction cups would not adhere, not even for a little bit. I stopped using the old support and went back to resting my foot on a stool. Since I play for hours each day, my back soon began to object, and I had to cut back on my playing. Then I remembered reading about the Sagework product - found it on the web and ordered one. I followed the mounting instructions carefully and am thrilled with the result - a perfectly positioned guitar that I could keep playing for hours without pain. Although it attaches with magnets the brace feels very secure on the guitar. Some professional players say they don't trust suction supports for performance, but I would trust this one completely. Having the magnets installed inside the guitar means you mount the support in exactly the same position every time; with suction cups you only get approximately the same position. I bought a second set of magnets for yet another new guitar that would not work with suction cups. Now I swap the brace between the two guitars, and I am completely satisfied.

Best of the Rest

I have tried all kinds of supports. The Sagework is simply the best and easiest to use. I have 3 of them - one for each guitar case. I also recommend the shorter version which works perfectly when you kick back on lower chairs.

Guitar Support

I really like the support. Puts the guitar in a good position to play and still sit in a normal position. Also compact enough to be portable. I s a bit of a nuisance to have unstring or at least totally loosen the strings to place the magnets but that's just a one time issue and really not a deal breaker.

The best Guitar support available

This is the third guitar support that I have purchased so far. None of them come close to the value of the Sagework Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support. I bought the ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar support in 2017. It was a good support but later I had problem with the suction cup. The handle of the suction cup keep breaking. I attempted to reach the ErgoPlay to replace them without success. Then, I bought the Guitar A-Frame Support . This one doesn't slide but it is very clumsy and interfered during performance with its too flexible construction. I went ahead and purchase the Umbra Magnetic. At first, I had to buy a better Velcro adhesive since the one the product came with was not very good. Once I did that and installed the magnets, everything worked perfectly well. I love this support and I would highly recommend it. Don't worry the two magnets do not interfere with sound.
I have big hands though, I had some minor issues inserting them in the sound hole.

Thank you very much for your review, Mr. Brutus. Could you tell me what Velcro adhesive you're referring to? We don't use Velcro in our supports. Whatever the adhesive is that seems not good, we'd like to know so that we can improve it. We want all components of our supports to be their absolute best. -Geoff / Sagework Guitar Supports
Just get one!

This thing is functionally perfect, very stable. The only improvement I can think of might be to add an overall rubberized covering to help protect guitar finish from any accidental contact, as the magnets are amazingly powerful. With care, this won't be a problem. Excellent design, build quality is optimal. The angle adjustable leg rest is inspired.

Simply Great

Very happy