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Raised my guitar level to the correct height

I should have ordered this when I bought the original guitar support--but you never know until you try it. It raised the neck stock of the guitar to a good playing position for me.
Now another issue. I believe that I installed the 3M strip incorrectly on the upper magnet. The magnet is not secured very well on the inside of the guitar side. I wish there was an easy way of doing this with the strings still attached! I just changed my strings!

The best support i've ever had

When I purchased the support I Was worried if the support is flexible enough to fit to my posture perfectly. But no concerns needed, it fits really well and I can pass it on how I want it in any way possible. I needed about twenty minutes when I attached the magnets inside the guitar for the first time but now I just put the support on within seconds. This magnet solution works for me way better than suction cups or a foot stool.

Worth it!

Being over 60, me and my spine really appreciate this genius product. I wish I’d known about it sooner and not wasted money buying footstools. It installs easily by carefully following the instructions. I appreciate that you can buy additional components if needed. Recommended!

Umbra Standard support

This support has allowed me to have much better control of the instrument because it has increased my stability holding the guitar. It is easily adjusted between positioning for classical practice (guitar neck high) and other styles (neck low). Installation was not too complex or time consuming. I am happy with the purchase.

Wish I had found these years ago!

I can’t believe I just discovered your supports. Great idea, terrific design and engineering. Just what my back and wrist have needed for years. No more trying to get suction cups to work without damaging the guitar.

After putting magnets on two guitars, I now have to have one on a third – a very high-end, expensive instrument. No hesitation. Ordering more magnets today.

Good product

It seems to be a good product

Sagework Magnet Set
Ken Bonfield
Simply the best

I love the Sageworks support. I really love that I can buy just one support, and just the magnets for multiple guitars. Saves me a bunch of $.

And it’s so versatile. I have been able to adjust the support to accommodate lots of different benches and chairs for performance.

Just right!

It was easy to put on my guitar and adjust to the right height. There are a lot of adjustments to fit the individual needs. Great product!

Completely Satisfied

Having previously tried a host of other guitar supports, I happily found that my Sagework guitar support (an Umbra Tall model) was by far superior to any of the others: Easy to find the perfect attachment points on the guitar, easy to install the magnets inside the guitar, completely dependable during practice, and easy to remove and re-attach. Thank you, Sagework.

Sagework Guitar Support an amazing experience with this company

In my experience companies like Sagework Guitar Supports are rare. Not only are the products brilliant, but if for whatever reason you are experiencing any difficulties they have your back, you will get the help needed from a caring knowledgable team of professionals. Buy with utter confidence.

Thank you so much, John! We're glad to help.

Makes my guitars a joy to play!

I appreciate the quality of my Umbra guitar support. Excellent quality, works great, eliminates having to use a stool and my guitars are easier and more comfort to play. Geoff has always responded quickly to my questions which I really appreciate. Great product and company. Highly recommend them.

Guitar Support

I like the support so far. I'm still getting used to it. I've gone through 3 sets of stickers. They don't want to stay stuck. I wiped down the wood with alcohol the last time, so we'll see how well they stick.

Sagework Umbra Small - works & fits perfectly

I am a player of a number of years sporadic experience but playing regularly now with the help of weekly lessons. In other words I am not a working musician who has used many different types of supports. I'm 6' tall and installed the Umbra Small model on a Taylor AD22 guitar. It's a smaller bodied guitar, roughly equivalent to a Martin 000 body style, or maybe slightly smaller. I have found the Umbra Small, with it's front arm extended to maximum height and the guitar on my left leg in classical position, places the neck at an ideal height and angle for me. Lowering the front arm to its mid range, with the guitar on my right leg, the guitar is in a comfortable casual position. Installation was a little nervy - the magnets really are strong - watch your fingers! But the step by step installation videos I found on the Sageworks site & youtube were clear and helpful. (I was happy I ordered an extra set of adhesive strips - I did manage to get the magnets stuck together on a first pass at installation - Yipes!) The Sagework lift feels quite a bit more solid and fixed and comfortable with the guitar on my leg than another type of lift I have used. And far superior to using a footstool. Ordering was easy. Shipping was prompt. The Umbra lift feels solid and good to the touch. Definitely a high end accessory.

Excellent Support

Once I was past attaching the magnets in the guitar's interior the support fulfilled my expectations. It is easy to attach and take off and is comfortable when performing or practicing.

Sagework Magnet Set
Timothy Burton
Sagework Magnet Set

Received the magnet set in good time and happy with the order. Transit fees are getting high though. Would be good if there was a dealer here in Australia.

Stable beauty, worthy of my guitar

I just got two weeks ago my first of these, the one with wood, to support a new classical guitar handmade in Germany by Armin Hanike. The Sageworks is as beautiful as shown in the site’s photographs. Maybe most important for buyers is the function. It also is as I expected. I had a scare with installation, but it was my own fault, I assume. The magnets adhere, as you can tell, by special sticky tape, and my lower magnet had come halfway loose right away. I couldn’t hear it banging around, but the attraction was weak and made the unit unstable. I had already figured it out when they (quickly) replied to my service request. So service seems to be excellent and personal. I nicely forget about the support when playing. This replaces the foot stool and is a much more solid feeling in posture and so forth. Look at my photos for a tip on clipping a tuner to it. Yes, it picks up the vibrations well and is right there to see by a glance downward instead of way up at the headstock which is high when playing with correct classical posture.

Sturdy, reliable, comfortable support

This sturdy, reliable support is very good value for the money. It stays in place and does not dig into the leg. The player has a straight spine and maintains a comfortable position. The support is fully adjustable, but keeps its set up position well.

Look great

I am owner of the plastic version - works well and wanted to buy the wood version which looks great and works great too.

Pretty good

So far pretty good. It’s helping to keep the neck pain down. I’ll have to do some research and experiment to get the right position. The only negatives: it didn’t come with the adhesive strips, so Long & McQuade had to provide their own when they worked on it, and it could use a bit more padding. Other than that it’s great.

Hello, David.

I'm so sorry that your support was missing the adhesive strips! It is supposed to come with two strips plus a spare. If you'd contacted me, I would have sent you replacement strips immediately. Please tell me how much you spent on them at your local store and I will compensate you for that amount plus your time to go to the store to get them.

Thank you for your review!


Great for Flamenco Guitar

I use this on my right leg for flamenco guitar.
Keeps my guitar in the right position and reduces strain on my back.
Installation was easier than I thought it would be.

The Best guitar support ever.
Thanks sagework

The perfect cupport

As far as I know this is the only support that works if you cannot use suction cups or the Murata support. It is stable and robust, yet flexible to adjust for different playing positions. I was a little worried about the installation, but it turned out to be quite simple.


After a little difficulty installing the Sagework Umbra Support I like it alot! The magnets are strong! Purchased the standard size and had to remove the lower bout sliding arm to go directly to the leg rest. After that and some adjustment to find my sweet spot it's great! I'm currently looking to upgrade my classical guitar and the Sagework Support will definitely be installed. I prefer this over a footstool!

First I was happy

Now I’m sad. I’ve had this on my guitar for weeks and really liked it. At some point, unbeknownst to me, one of the magnets came off and when I picked up my guitar to play the loose magnet rolled close enough to the one still attached and slammed into it. Now I have a cracked guitar, so that’s kind of put a damper on my evening.

Review update:
I heard back from the luthier in regards to the crack on my guitar. The issue was not the 3M strips themselves, but rather that the unfinished mahogany inside of my guitar, a Martin 000C12-16E Nylon in case anyone is wondering and has the same guitar, did not provide a suitable surface for good adhesion as it wasn’t smooth enough. After leaving my review, Geoff reached out to me and after verifying I followed the correct steps during installation he offered to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the guitar. He has stayed in communication with me while waiting for my guitar to be repaired and went above and beyond in terms of support and customer service. I let Geoff know what the luthier said and also informed him that since the issue was ultimately caused by the surface of the guitar itself that I did not think Sagework should have any responsibility to cover any of the cost. Despite that, he still refunded the full cost of the support to help cover the repair (which only came out to $200 anyways) and mentioned that he should add a warning in regards to checking the smoothness of the interior body. The luthier said that if he puts a little bit of lacquer inside that I should not have this issue again, so I had him go ahead and do so. I will be picking up my guitar this week and will be reinstalling the support. As far as functionality, the support works wonders in keeping the guitar in the perfect playing position without the need for foot stools or uncomfortable sitting positions. 10/10 support from Sagework and Geoff on this.

Hello, Jeff.

This is terrible! I'm so sorry this happened. Of thousands of supports sold, you are the first to report a cracked guitar. Please contact me directly using the Contact Us link on the site. As long as you followed the installation instructions and especially the points below, we will cover all costs associated with repairing your guitar, or replacing it if necessary. We will take you at your word with that.

The cause(s) of the magnets not staying adhered can be any of the following:

- The area wasn't properly cleaned before attaching the magnets.

- The magnets were touching an interior brace or a very curved area, not allowing the adhesive strip to make full contact with the side of the guitar.

- The support was not allowed to stay on the guitar long enough after the initial installation for the adhesive to fully cure.

- The magnets were attached with the adhesive strip and then the adhesive strip was moved and reused in a different location.

Best regards,
Geoff Ferdón
Sagework Guitar Supports

Great piece of kit

I have had my rest for about 3 weeks now on both my guitars and couldn’t be happier. Easy install and very comfortable for hour sessions. It’s a little more spendy than my other braces, but well worth the money. I should have cried once! Ha! Great product!