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Easily the Best Support Available

I've tried a few of the alternatives as far as supports go, the old reliable footstool, but the Sagework support is by far the most comfortable, and sturdy feeling device on the market. I actually enjoy it so much I've ordered a second and am just waiting for it to ship out now. Hopefully it ships out soon! I can't wait to install it on my newest guitar =)

Step up from suction cups

So far so good; secure and ergonomic thanks to adjustability. Appears well made

Great support!!

I am very happy with my new guitar support. It was easy to install and works really well. I had to exchange my original purchase for a smaller size. The company was very responsive. I had my new support in only a few days. I was hesitant to try something new but I’m so happy I did. Thanks for the great product!

Only a few days, and my playing has noticeably improved

I've only been playing classical guitar for about 4 months now, but I had already heard how great Sagework supports were. I am here to say it is worth every penny. This has helped significantly with posture, which has helped my left hand be significantly more accurate. It is so liberating to be able to adjust how I am sitting, and the position of the guitar will be virtually the same as it was. It's comfortable, and the look and build quality blows away everyone I show it to. I just might buy another to always keep in my case so I never forget it anywhere.


Works very well for me.
I really appreciate that you allow customers to buy individual parts like this.
Thank you!


One month in, and I love it.

Really like the way this feels, adjusts and looks on my classical guitar (with a cut away). Wanted to give it some time before I wrote this review and see if my installation, which I was worried about, held up. I did get pinched with the magnets even after reading the warnings, and underestimated how strong they are while handling them during the installation. Make sure you got a solid grip. And if you can, do not be lazy like me and leave your strings on the guitar. Take them off. It would make it so much easier.

Great engineering

I’m impressed by the design details of the Sagework guitar support. I’ve only used it a couple of weeks, but so far I’ve enjoyed having it. I think using a foot stand want causing me to have back issues. I look forward to using it much more.

Sageworks Umbra

I've used Sageworks suction-cup guitar supports for decades but have had issues with the suction cups' reliability. I purchased the Barrett and my initial test showed it to be very stable and adjustable. However, my best efforts to avoid injury installing the magnets permanently failed. They are super powerful, as the instructions warn, and snap together even when separated by several inches. They pinched my finger and left a bruise. I haven't installed them inside the guitar permanently yet as I'm thinking there should be some way of neutralizing them when the guitar support is not attached. My guitar case has steel fasteners; my guitar stand has a steel shaft. I could have metal keys in my pocket... I don't want my guitars attracting steel/iron objects or suddenly slamming into one as I'm casually passing by-- think doorknob, for instance. I'd really like to use this guitar support-- it's very well made-- but I hope Sageworks offers a solution to these concerns...One shouldn't be anxious about using a guitar support. Thanks.

Hello, Megan.

Thank you for your review.

The magnetic field only extends about two inches around the magnets and even at that distance, it is very weak. You shouldn't have any trouble with things slamming into your guitar.

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Incredible product

Simply the best guitar support on the market. Very happy :)

Sagework Magnet Set
Pasquale Bianculli

They are 'fasten-ating"! Seriously, a well-mad product.

Sagework Magnet Set
Julian Snow
Sagework magnetic guitar support

This support system is far superior to either a footstool or neck-up brace to keep my guitar in the proper position. I appreciate your promptness in filling my order and will recommend you highly to interested parties. I only ordered the magnet set because I already have 2 supports for my other guitars and can interchange them. I'd appreciate mounting instructions because it's been a while since I installed the the other magnets.

Best guitar support I’ve used

So far this is the best guitar support I’ve used. The installation made me a little bit nervous but it worked out.My only complaint is the brokerage charges when shipping to Canada. It cost me 50% more.

Still worth it though!

Best guitar support ever

I can no longer play without it. This is my second one, for a second guitar. I highly recommend them, including the super service.

Great product

I had tried a few support techniques in the past, including using a foot stand and just holding the guitar up, and nothing was comfortable enough. This support feels great. I first tried the small size, but went with the standard size in the end. The installation is a little bit tricky, but doable.

I still live in hope

Sorry, but I did not receive the item yet...

Best product of its kind

I've purchased 2 and plan on buying a third.
These are perfect!


Fantastic support. I installed the Umbra during a string change to some Savarez Alliance HT classic on my Kremona so my installation was easy. Not sure how some are finding issues with installation as it's as easy as taking your time, linking things up and doing it correctly the first time. Took me about 30 minutes and 25 of those were for double checking and checking again. Off and on easy when my kids want to play, comfortable in multiple positions. The best support out and happy I made the purchase.

Excellent Support

This is the nicest guitar support I have had. Admittedly my last support I purchased about 20 years ago; This support is both sturdy but adjustable in so many different ways (both height and angle towards the guitarist). Clearly a lot of thought and experimentation went into the design and final product and I can't personally think of a way that it could be improved.

Worth every penny

This is the best support I've ever purchased. Installation was a little scary just because strong magnets and delicate instruments don't mix, but the fact that it is collapsible and fits in my case is awesome.

The best

I'm very satisfied with the support. I tried some others support but the sagework is the best.

No More Back Pain

I have played guitar for nearly 15 years and have suffered from right side back pain for the last 3 years of that. That pain is now gone since I've started using the Sagework's Guitar Support

Solid and Reliable

Initially, I had a cheap suction cup guitar support. I figured, "if It works, it works." However, the suction cup would come off at times and I felt rather unstable with it. Then I got the Sagework Umbra support, and man, what a difference it has been. It has been such a dramatic difference that I do not even think about the support. It never comes off when I play, and it does not swivel around either. Also, I can fix the height and lock it there. This is wonderful since I do not need to memorize where it is that I usually put the support. This support has made me really enjoy playing. I will say, though, it is hard to play on the bed or in a more casual way, but I think that is a symptom of trying to play classical guitar in a non-standard sitting position. Lastly, I have big hands, and so it was a bit tight to perform the installation, even after completely loosening the strings.

Outstanding product!!! 🤩

Beautiful design, works perfectly.
Very comfortable and adjustable inspires me to exercise more often. I am on cloud nine and not coming down any time soon!🤩🤩🤩

Great support, unique design, sturdy and strong, beautiful

I have tried other supports, but the technology behind this guitar support is spectacular. The magnets are really strong, well-build arms, and the material has a nice quality in it.
Before attaching the support to the guitar body, I attached a layer of Grafix sheet on the side of the guitar to make sure there will be no mark (not neccessary). However, there are cork pads at the end of arms and you do not need to be worry about scratches.
The support is highly adjustable in different directions and angles.
I'm 6'2'' and I bought the standard size.

simply the best one!

I am testing the umbra tall model and it is great, I have tried many supports and this is simply the best one, it is really good looking and very comfortable, the customer service is excellent too.