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Great, but One Little Problem

Overall, it works as advertised. I'm glad I made the purchase. It took a bit of effort deciding where to position the magnets, and once I decided, I found one of the magnet holders would not stay secured. It was at a curved point in the guitar's body. My solution was to cut the extra adhesive strip in half, lengthwise and attach the halves so that each half extends beyond the edges of the magnet holder. I believe the adhesive strip hadn't been making good contact at the center of the magnet holder, so this seems to have solved the problem. I would recommend instructing the use of two of the strips, side by side if the guitar surface is curved at all. That way, at least the edges of the magnet holder will be secured.

Works great!

New to classical guitar, and this is my first experience with a support, but I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the ease of installation and performance.

Don't Try Any Other

There's just something inelegant about suction cups and the supports with clamps look too industrial. As far as I'm concerned don't even bother with anything else. This is the best.

It’s great

It’s very easy to put on and take off, and it stays on firmly. It can easily collapse into a small space so it fits into a guitar case. It’s adjustable to whatever height I need on both ends. I found the installation instructions clear and easy to follow.

Choose a Shorter Support for Greater Stability

My first order was the tall support. It took some getting used to because I tended to put too much lateral pressure on the guitar that disloged the magnetic bond while practicing. When my daughter asked for a similar support, I had an opportunity to try a shorter support so I ordered a standard support and a short arm. I replaced the long arm on my original order with the short arm and changed the magnet configuration on two of my guitars. I now have one guitar with the short arm and a second with the standard arm. I can use either support and my daughter can have the other. The shorter configuration solved my problem with dislodging the magnetic bond.

Sagework Atlas Support

I haven’t spent enough time to really give the support an adequate review, but having used a foot-stool for over 40 years I can the that the support relieves all of the tension in my shoulders and thigh muscles. I would recommend the Sagework supports to anyone wanting to improve their performance as well as practice posture.

Guitar Support

Love this support. Supports the guitar very well. No concern about suction cups coming lose. Totally adjustable to place your guitar in the perfect playing position. Cork pad to protect your finish.

I wish I bought this YEARS ago.

Having a solid support that I don't have to fuss with while playing is very important, as any guitarist knows. This one does it for me. I have tried all sorts of alternatives, but this is by and far the best.

the best support

You can adjust the support to position of the guitar exactly as you want it. Footstools are not quite tall enough for me. The height of the guitar and angle of the neck can be adjusted, as well as the angle of the guitar body relative to your own body. Once the magnets are installed, it is quick and easy to attach or remove the support. It collapses to a small size that fits in the small compartment in my guitar case. I don't see how it could be any better.

Gift to Granddaughter.

She is happy with it.

A Classic Super Functional Support!

My biggest fear was installing it, but when I got over that hurdle, which wasn’t very high, I was blown away. It looks good, but works even better and is completely adjustable. It crushes my suction cup supports, and I think I have them all. Can’t imagine it getting any better than this. 6 stars if I could.

Works very well. It's comfortable and very easy to attach anywhere I want and it's solid so I never have to worry about it slipping off or sliding out of position.
Love it. 🙂

Amazing Guitar Support

The Umbra guitar support I have is absolutely amazing. It helps me hold my guitar at the exact angle I want to get the best tone from the strings, it is firm and secure and is very comfortable on my leg during countless hours of playing time. I have used footstools, pillows, and other supports but recommend the Sageworks above them all to anyone needing a secure and comfortable support for their guitar.

Extra magnets make swapping guitars very easy

Once the magnets are in place, swapping guitars takes seconds. If you have guitars in multiple locations, you can travel with only the support rather than a whole guitar.

Just bought my third Sage support

The fit is perfect and 100% consistent between uses and between guitars. I love them so much I bought three. The short size works best for me.

Sagework Magnet Set
Carlos Garcia
Excellent product!

I’ve bought several magnets for my guitars, not too difficult to install and I can use the support on all of them. Fantastic :-)

Sizing guide did not work for me

I read the sizing guide and chosen the standard model. But when I received the kit it is too tall for me, thus not usable. I have to put it back to the box and continue to use my old guitar support.

Difficult to position the magnets

I have a Cordoba C12 SP. The soundhole is very small, and I have large hands and thick forearms. I got the bottom magnet in the proper position but the top magnet is at a 45-degree angle so the support is unstable. When I have time, I will take my instrument to a luthier for proper installation. When the top magnet is properly installed, the support will be less sensitive to lateral forces.

Right size

Made a stable support even more stable. I love this support.

Sagework Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support Standard

I ruptured a disc in my lower back a few years ago. As a result, I often experienced considerable discomfort while playing guitar. The Sagework Umbra support improves my playing posture and has greatly alleviated the pain I experienced both while and after playing. I purchased and installed the standard size unit on a Martin 00 sized parlor guitar. Due to the small size of this particular guitar it was a bit of a challenge to get my hand in the guitar to install the magnets, but it was very doable. I'm very impressed and happy with Umbra support. It definitely helps with my back issues, and it puts you in a better playing posture as well. In my opinion, because of the unique design and powerful magnets; this unit is fairly priced. I highly recommend the Umbra support.

Sagework Magnet Set
Jorge Ibarra
My second set

This is my second Sagework guitar support, and couldn’t be more happy! Fully recommended to all classical guitarists.

Sagework Magnet Set
Thomas Mößner

strong magnets. Perfect solution for guitarsupport

Warranty: Leg Rest
Patrick Peck
Sagework Service

I love the brace, but the front arm split at the joint after about a year of close to daily usage. Sagework replaced the necessary parts at no cost. It was a little challenging to reassemble because the screws are very hard to reinsert, but I got it done, and I am once more happily using the brace. Thank you Sagework for the great customer service--Geoff does a great job! I appreciate the way you stand behind your product.

Finally my last support for the guitar

after testing all other typpes of guitar-supports Sagework is the very best. One fits all my guitars.


Beautiful product, works perfectly.
Super comfortable, inspires me to play more often.