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Works Great

Bought the Nylon version. Fair price. Easy install. Ergonomic. This support is the best.


I picked this because of the reviews and the aesthetics. I couldn’t be more pleased. This is simply the best system out there. I will never use a footrest again. All that and it’s a beauty to look at.

Cadillac of Guitar Supports

My wife loves her guitars, but has never been too fond of footrests. The Atlas guitar support holds her instrument in the perfect position.

We bought two magnet sets so each of her guitars is ready to play.

All in all, an excellent product.


Quick shipping

Ordered spare set of magnets for my beloved Sagework’s guitar support so I could use the support on my other guitar. The support They arrived very promptly and were exactly what I’d ordered.

The best

Very happy with the Umbra support. Huge improvement over the foot stool.

Natural position

I feel like I am in a more natural and comfortable position. I'm able to practice / play longer. I also like to have one support I can use on both guitars.

Canadian review

This product arrived exactly as advertised and as reviewed by other guitar aficionados. It took 10 minutes to attach. Now I can practice or perform without having to drag out a footstool. My guitar is positioned exactly in the same position every time I practice or play.

I ordered from Canada and always prepared for extra shipping/customs and taxes.

Shipping fees were exactly as indicated, and no taxes since the product is under $200.

If you play guitar, buy it, it’s a quality product.


I ditched the footstool years ago, but I found that the pillow supports felt insecure and the suction cup supports can crack the side of guitar - and still feel wobbly. As I play with the guitar in an extremely high position, it is difficult to find a support that feels solid. For years I've used a clamp support that worked well enough, but they tend to wear out, they don't fit easily in guitar cases, and they damage the finish over time. The Sagework Atlas Tall support corrects those deficiencies and the hardwoods on the Atlas make it like it's part of the instrument. It is easily the most elegant looking support that I have seen. As someone who frequently switches between multiple guitars I find it convenient that I can install a magnet set in all my guitars and quickly switch between them. Additionally, since the Atlas support is so easy to attach and remove, there's no reason not to routinely store the instrument in the case - something which I tended not to do with the clamp supports. My Sagework guitar support was one of those rare purchases that vastly exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to my students, colleagues, and other classical guitarists. It is about as near perfection as you can get.

The Sagework support is great. I can practice longer and more comfortably.

Umbra Support

I have owned an ergo-play for around 8 years, though it did what it meant to and was functional, it was clunky and the suction cups did fail occasionally. The Umbra Support is a superlative piece of equipment both in form and function. Well done guys.

Excellent product!

I bought the standard size version of the support. The installation was very simple and the magnetic attachment is very strong and secure. I use a velvet cover to protect the back and sides of my classical guitar when I practice. I love the fact that the support holds on to the magnets with the cover put on. Supports with suction cups can not do that!
I use the support in the lowest position and the angle of my guitar neck it’s still a little bit high for my comfort. I probably should have bought the small version of the guitar support...
In a nutshell, great quality, very well designed and very easy to install!

Almost Perfect

The support isn't too hard to install and it's comfortable. I had no problem with the magnet strength and my guitar walls are fairly thick on the sides. Only trouble is the screw housing keeps coming out from the support arm. It's a simple fix and I should be able to just wood glue it in place, but I shouldn't really have to solve that problem for an item that cost me nearly $300 CAD to get here. My advice is to get the black plastic one. If it's made out of the same material as the base it'll be very sturdy.

Hi, Dorian. I'm sorry for the trouble you're having with your support. You are the first person to ever report this problem. I'd be glad to send you a replacement wooden arm or the parts to convert your support into an Umbra (plastic) support. Would either of those work for you? If you choose to convert it to the plastic version, I'd refund you the price difference between the two supports. Best regards, Geoff Sagework Guitar Supports
The Best Design Available

Quality Engineered Product. Easy to install and use. The best option to avoid a floor foot stand.

My Back Thanks You!

The footstool killed my back. I wasn’t excited to use suction cups on my guitar’s finish. Both problems solved. BUT, the added bonus is how stable my guitar feels using the Sageworks support. I couldn’t be happier with its performance.

Just what I was looking for

I have tried 3-4 other guitar supports, but I was not comfortable with the use of suction cups. They had a tendency to slip at just the wrong moment. And even removing them after each use, I was concerned about harming the finish on my guitar. The Sagework support feels solid, and I don’t worry about leaving it on when I am at home. I also appreciate being able to fold it up and put it in my guitar case when I travel.

Outstanding product

Tried the support due to back problems. It's comfortable, doesn't slip, can be easily adjusted, small enough to not be noticed. Very happy with this so far. No more foot pedals and slippery support cushions.

a perfect product

The support device solves a problem vexing me from the early 60s to now. I've tried everything. This solution works. Problem solved. The reasonably priced extra magnets sweeten the good news by making it possible to use the support on multiple guitars! Many guitar supports for the price of one. Slight adjustment is necessary from one of my guitars to the next. That is not a problem at all.

Almost all the goods delivered; definitely needs some angle and foot rest adjustments!

Hello, Yiannis. Thank you for your comments. Can you clarify what you need? The leg rest already pivots in both directions toward and away from the player. What other adjustment would you like to see in our product?
Elegant, well made, installs easily but the magnets are not really strong enough

I installed the guitar support on my Ramirez classical instrument. It looked like a great idea and I was hoping it would allow my to keep both feet planted.
I found the support a little disappointing - the magnets are not strong enough to secure the support against the instrument. This is a pity - I really like the design.

Hello, Bruce. Thank you for your comments. If the magnets don't seem strong enough, then either they are installed incorrectly or the support is not installed at the proper location. Could you send us a photograph of your support as it is installed on your guitar? The support, when installed correctly, is VERY firmly held in place by the magnets.

This support works fantastic! It really holds onto the guitar so that it feels like it's part of the guitar. I LOVE that you can set it so that the guitar angles back towards you. I was a little worried about the whole magnet thing, but it was very easy to put them in. The magnets are very strong but as long as you hold them firmly you won't have any problem whatsoever. It took less than ten minutes to put them in, and I bought extra magnets for my other guitar.

Another satisfied customer

I've tried a few of the different guitar supports and this one seems was the easiest to use, the rest just sit in a drawer waiting to be resold or given away eventually. It was relatively easy to position the internal magnets by first taping the external support arm in correct position, that way the internal magnet will positions itself correctly. I have a number of instruments and had a bunch of spare neodymium magnets of sufficient size around to set up 6 of them to use the same support.

That said, I usually stand when I play and rarely use the support. But it's small enough to keep in a guitar case and it attaches instantly. I've had other kinds of guitar support come loose while playing and just couldn't trust them. If the internal magnets for this one are mounted in a good position inside the guitar the external mount should never slip.

Note that when the external support is not attached, the lower internal magnet will be positioned roughly over a sitting players front pants pocket. I've use strong neodymium magnets for many years for different projects and have never had any problems with them damaging anything in my wallet. The main danger with magnets like this is that they might accidentally snap together and pinch the edge of a finger. But you should still respect these magnets and try not to leave your wristwatch or wallet full of credit cards up close against one of them for an extended amount of time.

I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants to use a guitar support, it's convenient and secure and actually works as advertised.


Slouch Assist

I struggle with a slouch while playing the guitar due to some muscle attrification caused by radiation therapy in 1983, I’m 74 now & never read music before but finally learning to do so with the help of a teacher. He knows classical & other music styles so knows the importance of proper posture. He noticed my struggles with posture and discussed options to help. He showed me a Sagework Support that he uses instead of a footrest when teaching and playing gigs. I bought one and have used it on my classical guitar since. I will never correct my muscle imbalance but the support has made playing so much more comfortable. I ordered and have received two other magnet sets so switching to two other instruments is more seamless. Your support is easily adjusted & never slips from it’s position. It is a very stable device and has been a great help for me.


After having tried several other supports, a teacher (thanks, Allen!!) pointed me to Sagework. I'm SO impressed with the quality of this product! It is very well-made and, as a bonus, aesthetically complementary to my guitar. I really appreciate that I can adjust not only the neck angle very easily, but it also allows me to adjust the angle of the guitar body as well. Now the guitar is in the absolute PERFECT position for playability and long-term comfort. Sagework makes every other support on the market pale in comparison. Thanks very much, Geoff!

A Happy Beginner

I've been playing classical guitar for less than a year. I struggled with getting the guitar positioned on my leg and setting the appropriate angle for me to play. My teacher brought up your site and we looked at the support you have. I took a chance and bought one. When it arrive I was immediately impressed with the quality of the packaging. At my next lesson my teacher and I installed it after viewing you video. I have to say that everything did fit. The guitar is where it is supposed to be and if I practice for an extended period of time I find the guitar is in the correct position even if I tire.

I play a 70's vintage guitar and when we had placed the magnets inside they initially stayed but then the top set fell out. I had not noticed how dusty the inside was and the tape could not grab the wood. I cleaned it out and after 3 months I have had no other problems with the support.

I will not be going back to the foot stand.