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Really nice!

It was exactly as it was advertised. Very high quality, easy to install and best of all, it e=really works well.

Hi, I have only used it a few times and I am unable to evaluate it because I purchase the large one, I should have purchased a smaller one. Is it possible for me to return the large one in exchange for the smaller one. The concept seems very sound.
Thank you for your consideration,

Great Supports

I have the regular and short support. Being paralyzed it is difficult to get any sized guitar to feel comfortable, especially for my left hand. The supports with all the adjustments allow me to find the optimal position on small to dreadnought size guitars. They make the guitars feel solid are well held in place and never accidentally loosen or come off. Highly recommended.


Great system.

Clever and eminently functional design

It took some trial and error to find the best place to install the support, which was made into a challenge by the presence of wood side reinforcements in my guitar. A magnet would need to be placed on one side or the other of one of those supports. I also was aware that the best performance for the support required the longer, front leg to be as straight as possible. After a few hours of trial, I installed the magnets and was ready to go. The next morning I thought the position of the support, and the guitar as a result, could be improved so I needed to remove the two magnets. Pulling the tabs to do so is pointless, but I found that alternately twisting the magnets one way and then the other they eventually became loose. Patience was the key!

My collection of supports now includes a NeckUp, which I have had for decades, a Dynarette, a Tenuto Pro and the Sagework. So far, I would say the Sagework is the winner. The Sagework bests my previous favorite, the Tenuto Pro, by the adjustability of the legs and the quickness and ease of magnetic attachment.

Overall, I think it is a very clever design and I am pleased with the product and service from the vendor.

Outstanding guitar support

I have tried several other guitar supports and this is definitely the best you can buy, and worth every penny. Stays in place and no worry of suction cups coming lose while playing. You can relax and concentrate on your music. It is easy to install and I LOVE the fact that you can fold it up and put it in your guitar case. If your trying to decide, trust me, it will be well worth it.


Excellent service! And yes, it really is easy to install. Tutorials on site very helpful. Well built. Solid product. Last but not least....Works well! I recommend it.


Magnets arrived sooner than expected. Great product and service.


I have owned just about every guitar support made in the last 15 years and nothing out there compares to the sageworks umbra guitar support. If you are looking for a support that has considered every angle possible and does not slip off of your leg. This is it. I am very satisfied and it also improved my playing.


Easy install while changing strings. Well designed and manufactured. Easily adjusted to customize fit.
Seems solid for longevity.

Great support

This support works very well and stays in place. It’s easy to remove when don’t want to use it. I think it’s the best support on the market.


Really happy with it and really quick delivery.

The best!

Tried several supports.
This one does what it has to do.
Simply the best!

No more neck and back pain!

I love the fact that extra magnets can be purchased to expand on Sagework Guitar Support to other guitars that I have. I find it advantageous adding them to my ukulele! No more neck and back pain.

I love my Sagework support. I had tried a few others before and none was satisfactory until I got the Sahework one. It is really worth the cost. My last order (extra magnets) enables me to switch easily between two guitars, tuned differently.


İt is a very handy tool..all classical or acoustic guitar players should have smth like doesn’t harm your guitar and easy to carry because it can be bended..i use it every time i play..thanks to Sagework for this great job

Sagework Umbra guitar support

I love it. I’m a guitarist and a mechanical engineer and appreciate the Umbra support from both perspectives. It’s very well designed, installs pretty easily, supports the guitar solidly and has all the adjustability you might need. The magnetic connection is perfect for this application.

same great product as the tall Umbra

I have deployed the tall Umbra on three guitars. I switched to the short Umbra on my latest guitar because my right arm was giving me trouble. Lowering the guitar a bit with the shorter Umbra fixed that. I can use either Umbra on any of my guitars.
The magnets work perfectly, very strong, and easy to install and remove **if and only you do it right**. Read and follow the instructions. They are not hard to understand, but it's easy to make a mistake if you're not paying attention. The mistakes can be undone, but who wants to do that? You have to understand and pay special attention to how you can remove the magnet if that's ever necessary. Spare adhesives are a good idea!
The Umbras themselves are made of indestructible, no-nonsense materials and design able to last for generations. The magnets are designed to be easily taken out and put back. It has all worked seamlessly for me.

Functionality can be sleek

I expected a practical and trustable guitar support. My expectations were clearly exceeded. Sagework support stays firmly, optimizing space and providing a practical solution for adaptability and mobility. It's conformable, adjustable and made of high quality materials... and it looks really elegant on my classical guitar!

Restored belief in quality products

Very well designed and executed. Best possible materials and great attention to the details. It solved my past guitar support problems beautifully.

Amazing support

The best guitar support I have ever used. Well designed. Bravo! I just bought a second set of magnets!

Helped a lot!

I have had pain in my left hip from using a footstool. I decided to try this support based on all the good reviews. It's been 2 weeks and the hip pain is almost gone! The shoulder fatigue is also much better. I am extremely pleased! I was worried about the installation, but just watch the videos and take your time. It was not difficult. I took the old strings off. I do have small hands so I'm sure that helped. In fact, the worst part is just putting new strings on! I know you can just loosen strings to do the install, but I needed new strings anyway. I can now practice longer without difficulties. I have not noticed any slippage while playing and the support if very secure.


I recently decided to hang up my rock cleats and get back to classical guitar. I sold some electrics and purchased a fine concert classical. I had an "A-Frame" years ago and it never stayed attached. Upon purchasing my new guitar (made by the same luthier that made my old classical) I learned that the suction cups don't play nicely with French polish guitars and decided to try this device. I read the dissatisfied reviews first. One of the reviews pointed to the magnets releasing. In the 2 weeks I've had my Atlas, I've experienced this same situation, where the device just releases. Good thing I was able to notice that this only happens if I sit improperly and put the magnetic connections in a position for which they weren't intended. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Wonderful product

Easy to set up, and works just as advertised. In addition, my back feels much better!

Extra magnets for second guitar

Enables me to use same support, same setup with no adjustments for two guitars