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Sagework Atlas Magnetic Guitar Support - TALL


$4 Flat Rate Shipping

Size: TALL

Parts Included: Guitar Support, one Internal Magnet Set, Adhesive Strips & Markers, Allen Wrench, & Complete Installation Instructions. (For additional Internal Magnet Sets for additional guitars, please choose from the options below the Add to Cart button.)

This version in its lowest position is 1" taller than the standard Atlas in it's lowest position and 2" taller in it's highest position.  This difference is in the larger arm only.  The smaller, curved arm is the same size for both supports.

Which size to choose?: If you are an adult and are playing with a standard classical guitar position, a standard size support should work well for you. If you would use a footstool in it's lowest position, then we would recommend the short support.  If you use a footstool in a very tall position, then the tall would most likely work for you.  Sagework guitar supports are symmetrical and work for both right or left-handed players.


WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

NOTE: If you are not located in the United States, your country will likely charge you an import duty plus your standard local taxes. For European orders, please visit our dealer Haus der Musik Trekel and for British orders, London Guitar Studio or Stafford Guitar.

Designed and built in USA from domestic and foreign components.  U.S. Patents 8901403 & 8455744.

Customer Reviews

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I ditched the footstool years ago, but I found that the pillow supports felt insecure and the suction cup supports can crack the side of guitar - and still feel wobbly. As I play with the guitar in an extremely high position, it is difficult to find a support that feels solid. For years I've used a clamp support that worked well enough, but they tend to wear out, they don't fit easily in guitar cases, and they damage the finish over time. The Sagework Atlas Tall support corrects those deficiencies and the hardwoods on the Atlas make it like it's part of the instrument. It is easily the most elegant looking support that I have seen. As someone who frequently switches between multiple guitars I find it convenient that I can install a magnet set in all my guitars and quickly switch between them. Additionally, since the Atlas support is so easy to attach and remove, there's no reason not to routinely store the instrument in the case - something which I tended not to do with the clamp supports. My Sagework guitar support was one of those rare purchases that vastly exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to my students, colleagues, and other classical guitarists. It is about as near perfection as you can get.