Sagework Magnetic Guitar Support Magnet Set

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This is an extra set of interior magnets for the Sagework Atlas and Umbra Guitar Supports to install in additional guitars. Also included are three 3M Command strips (one is a spare in case of installation error) and two markers.

Orders outside of the United States: Your country will likely charge you an import duty plus your standard local taxes. If you are not located in the United States, we recommend purchasing from a dealer in your country. CLICK HERE for a list of non-U.S. dealers.

WARNING: Do not use magnetic guitar supports if you have a pacemaker or similar device.

Designed and built in USA from domestic and foreign components.
U.S. Patents 8901403 & 8455744.
Sagework Guitar Supports was formerly known as Barnett Guitar Supports.

Customer Reviews

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Jorge Ibarra
My second set

This is my second Sagework guitar support, and couldn’t be more happy! Fully recommended to all classical guitarists.

Thomas Mößner

strong magnets. Perfect solution for guitarsupport

Daniel Cohen
Excellent Product

Just putting one on my second guitar. So easy to use. I like not using a foot stand thus no back strain and better than a thigh support because it does not move once I get it dialed in.

Alex Gordez
Why SageWorks?

I’ve been using ErgoPlay for many years and my problem was always with suction cups.. they always unreliable especially if you play out.. thanks for the magnet idea SageWork solves this problem:)
All my guitars have magnets in them :)

Aaron Lewis

Magnets arrived sooner than expected. Great product and service.